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2020 The RECAP: A look back at some of my 2020 moments

Its December 31st 2020 y'all!! Sadly many people didn't make it this far whether it be due to COVID, Police Brutality, other illness, unexpected, and even suicide. This year hit many of us hard and many of us lost someone we love or care for or we saw others do so. 2020 has taught us that this world isn't as you think it, that in any moment the world could shut down and we be lockdown in our homes. It has shown us that Police Brutality isn't just an American issue #ENDSARS and that racism is also global! It has shown us the power we have as a unit, that black voices must and will be heard (with that being said to my Georgia voters PLEASE show up and show out AGAIN on January 5th cause we need a change in congress BADLY).

I personally have had some great losses this year that shook me to the core! I lost a baby, my uncle, lost my sister, and my cousin. These deaths were not expected and I am still shocked that I won't be holding my baby this year, or these three people who I extremely value seeing me walk down the aisle or share anymore moments with. Yet I know that they no longer are feeling pain of this world and though I am angry and hurting I am happy that they are in the bosom of the Lord. With that being said I want to share some of the happy and joyful moments that 2020 brought me and my family!

The Selfie Series

So thanks to a move and then the shut down as a creative with a blog I had to change the way I created content. I was use to having outdoor shoots with other photographers and that was were a large majority go my content came from. Yet outside was closed, photographers weren't shooting and I was new to the area and didn't know any photographers. Yet as a creative you have to be ready to change things up! That is exactly what I did!! I started the Selfie series to showcase things from Masks to Jewelry , and even graphic tees all rom black owned brands! It was fun capturing these images and sharing them!

Quarantine and Chill Series

Another new series that COVID brought to the Blog was the Quarantine and Chill series. I spent time watching different African movies on Bothe Amazon and Netflix and shared the ones I enjoyed. I am actually going to continue this into 2021 (As Netflix has stated they will continue to add Nigerian and the African produced movies and shows to their Catalogue).

I think a lot of my readers enjoyed this one because they got to get some recommendations without all the searching, it also opened them up to other genres that they may not have watched own their own. Heres the first post (Click here)

Mother's Day Post

This year like most parents I go to balance being a mom and a teacher. This year Mother's Day was a little different as well because due to my parents being elderly spending time was not safe. Yet I got to send my mom some groceries thanks to InstaCart!! I also did a selfie series centering around black owned T-Shirt Brands who have some dope mom specific shirts and other products!! got to love it!! Missed it (Click here) I even got to include my son in these look as well!

Anniversary Blog Post

This made ONE year as a blogger!! I decided to get Ankara print suits and show case them! They came from every where Canada, England, Nigeria, even South Africa!! These suits were so bomb and shooting them was so much fun!! To check the all out (Click Here)

Black Owned Skin Care Reviews

Being at home I got a chance to do lots of skin care reviews to work on my skin and make sure it was popping for when outside was open again!! I really enjoyed supporting great brands and also helping ensure that my skin was looking really beautiful!! To get more details head here

Hubs become an LT

One of the greatest parts of this year is watching my other half accomplish a personal goal of his! He became an Army Officer!! This was also one of the hardest part of this year because him being away for most of the year especially during hard moments was not easy. He is a big factor in my support system and not having him was hard. Yet watching him successfully accomplish a goal that he had set for himself years ago was so awesome!!

You did that baby!!! I am so proud of you and can't wait for what is yet to come in this endeavor of yours!

New York, and Mr. Peprah

So this year I got to take my hubs somewhere he has never been. New York!!!! Yes he has never been to NYC and his first trip got to be with me. We went to see both the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridge. We also went to time square (So different without a lot of tourists), ate some NY Pizza, some great Indian food and EVEN got some great desserts! We also went to see the structure that looks like a HoneyComb

This also wasn't packed so it was easy to grab a shot win front of it!

Now the other great part of this trip is I got to link up with Mr. Peprah and take some dope pictures!! We did the shoot at Dumbo in Brooklyn and got all the images that you all see on the gram! Head here to see

New Brands

So Despite there being a global pandemic and lock downs every where I still got the chance to shop some great new brands from around the world. I was able to try Ankara Print pieces from Nigeria all the Way to Canada and even Japan!! This lock down opened me up to brands I never knew existed as well as shopping from Nigerian Brands!! This year I think I spent my money well on some really dope brands!

New Photographers

This move and new year also gave me the chance to work with some dope new Photographers in North Carolina!

The Slim Creative!! Click Here

Brown Boy Fotos (Click Here)

Scott McGregor AKA ScottySnapz6 (Click Here)

I also took some great trips this year and learned so much more about myself. This year hasn't been easy for any of us!1 Yet I hope you can find something good in this year to hold on to. I don't know what 2021 holds but I want to let you know that I will continue to bring you content that supports Black, Female, and Veteran Brands. I will continue to push for black women to be loved and for our voices to be shared! I hope that 2021 brings us a better year and more love!! I pray that you have the strength to push forward if bad does happen. I pray your tribe remains strong and true! I wish you much success and happiness

As always remember wash your hands, wear your masks, take care of yourself and those you love! Also keep fighting against injustice across the globe!

Love Always,

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