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Aunty Kelechi's Favorite Skin Care Items: Elle Johnson Co.

Hey guys, I know I promised this post a few days ago but I took some time away from the Blog, from social media because of some family things. Let me start off by say #PhuckCancer and I ask that you send love and light my way as my sister goes through her second journey in her battle against Cancer. I knew I couldn't sit and cry anymore when I heard her say " I got this so you go continue pushing" So here I am and ready to continue to share the black owned companies on my platform.

so here we go...........

Elle Johnson Co.

The Elle Jonson co was founded by North Carolina native and brand strategist LaVonndra "Elle" Johnson. After her personal journey with skincare she decided to seek other viable options for skin care. Her journey lead her to natural remedies to calm the skin and aid in a clearer and even skin tone. 

The Elle Johnson Co. brand officially launched on September 23, 2017 in Charlotte, North Carolina. She originally started with 5 products and now has nearly a dozen products. Can we just stop and be in awe at this queen right now? Yess clap it up!


Aunty's Discovery

I discovered Elle Johnson Co. via instagram in 2019 while looking for black owned skin care lines to use. At the time I had the honor of being a guest blogger for IamPriiincesss blog doing the black owned business section. At the time the company offered sample kits for purchase, and I grabbed one this has now changed to the Magic Minis (pictured below). When I originally purchased the items I want to say they were like $7 but the magic minis are $16 (see below why there was a price jump). As a great way to buy and see how my skin did with the products.

It came with the Chamomile Facial Wash (5ml) the Jojoba Moisturizer (5ml), which is the moisturizer that our ancestors wanted for us because the I say my skin LOVES THIS I mean it. Like it goes into my pores and my skin feels so soft to touch after I use it. I also got an add on of the Sugar Skin polish (These are still the availabe options but it also now includes the Hydrating Rose Facial Elixir (5ml) and the Twilight Facial Oil (5ml). The Sugar scrub is a $9 extra charge)

That sugar scrub was also life but we all know that a good exfoliating scrub goes a long way. I was already hooked and then during their Anniversary giveaway I won their Pumpkin Puree Enzyme Mask. Let me tell you something this mask is a great addition to your weekly routine, light tingling will occur when used. Now if you have sensitive skin this isn't the product for you. You can grab this for $24 for a 100ml container.

About two weeks after receiving the product and using it I actually wrote a review on them on Priiincesss's blog so head over there to check it out. I have been a fan and supporter ever since.

Subscription Box

Back in May I was glancing on my instagram and I saw that they had launched a subscription box program with the items you see in the picture on the left. I knew I wanted to be part of this new program and I headed over to the site. The box came in about three weeks but that was due to COVID-19 delays and nothing to do with the company.

The packaging of the items themselves were beautiful as always but I mean she is a brand strategist like I expect nothing different. I will say the one thing that slightly disappointed me was the boxing. Now the box it is shipped in is branded and I think that is super dope, but I was hoping that inside the items would have been in another cute or cool box, but it was their first subscription launch and honestly the products are all that matter.

I was excited about everything that was included in the box, together these products are normally about $80 prior to shipping but the box only cost $48. I say this was a great deal. Especially for all the great items included.

Now I won't lie I haven't used the co-Wash smoothie just because I am currently using other hair products. Yet I do use the clarifying cream and elixir every day!! I don't wear makeup daily so I need something that will keep my combination skin hydrated but allow for this chocolate fountain to glow! These two items are exactly that! I wash my face in the morning, and as I am about to head out the door to work I first rub the elixir and then the cream and baby when I tell you my skin be popping!! I mean just that. I have always said this that you need a good base aka good skin under makeup and the products from Elle Johnson help you to achieve that.

As you all know I rotate through products so that I don't give my skin a chance to hit a plateau and then I am forced to look for new products. Elle Johnson Co. is a staple on team Kelechi and they aren't getting benched any time soon. They currently haven't dropped a new subcription box yet but head over check out the minis, the other full size products and join the mailing list so you can be notified when a new box is available.

These products aren't only for black women they are for everyone but they are great for black skin!

Grab you some and try and as always let me know what you think of the products you grab. Remember support black owned so we can build our own!

Love Aunty Kelechi

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