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Aunty Kelechi's Favorite Skincare Items: JACQ's Skin Care

Hey guys I am back!! This past week was blackout Tuesday and many people observed not spending any money or only buying black. A you guys know we are not new to this, we are true to this. Its been a small break since I dropped a blog post, well guys I am back with a new Black Owned skincare company and my favorite go to items from them.


The JACQ's Skincare company that is black owned and woman owned. I an not sure as to where or when it was founded but I am sure that it was founded by Barbara Jacques. After discovering the she had an ovarian tumor as well as being pregnant she turned to non-toxic solutions for skincare.

Jacq's products are 100% vegan, for women of color, and all organic. They understand that skincare isn't a one size fits all and should be tailored to your skin. Their products are locally sourced in South Florida and then handmade. They focus on fruits, roots and flowers as the sources used for their products.

How I found them

As you guys know I stay on the gram looking for companies to try and share with you guys. The IG Algorithm knows this as well and they popped up on my discover page. I headed to their page and started checking out some their products. I saw the natural products and was ready to try. As you guys know I keep my skincare products as well as my hair care products on rotation in order to prevent my skin from hitting a plateau with a products.

Products I Grabbed

I grabbed the JACQ's Cleanser, Toner, Moisturizer Heal + Slay Kit. This cruelty-free beauty kit contains our best sellers. The kit includes the JACQ's Healing Face Cleanser, and Nourishing Face Moisturizer. This Kit will cost you $67

Healing Face Cleanser: The Cleanser is great for cleaning dirt, makeup, and impurities on the skin. When you pump it into your hand it is creamy in texture, it is formulated with rich Amino Acids, Fruit Enzymes found in Papaya Extract.

Key Ingredients:

1. Papaya which is high in Vitamin A & E, omega-fatty acids. Also can gently exfoliate the skin while removing dead skin cells.

2. Moringa is a rich source of fatty acids great for nourishing the skin.

3. Rose Clay easily absorb impurities from the skin, such as dirt, makeup, and oils

If you purchase this separately it is $10 (CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE)

Revitalizing Face Toner: This toner is a hydrating floral tea for your skin. It is formulated with refreshing Mint, Hibiscus pedals and Burdock Root. The toner is a blend of herbal extracts, fatty acids, and vitamins, meant to help restore skin pH balance and clear your skin of acne and spots.

Key Ingredients:

  1. Burdock Root an antifungal and antibacterial and an ideal ingredient for regulating oil production in the skin.

  2. CoQ10 an antioxidant, energizes your skin and helps improves skin elasticity.

  3. Hibiscus is a natural astringent rich in calcium, magnesium, and iron. Great for acne and oily combination skin.

Alone this will cost $19 (CLICK HERE)

Nourishing Face Moisturizer: This is a light-weight moisturizer that has peptides, fatty acids and potent herbal extracts. Though it is light weight it is extremely hydrating and great as you base moisturizer prior to makeup.

Key Ingredients:

1. Yucca is a skin moisturizing root that is also a potent antioxidant known for it's healing properties.

2. Coconut is a hydrating emollient rich in lauric acid and Vitamin E

3. Vitamin B5 is hydrating and skin conditioning. It helps improve the appearance of skin texture and regenerates skin.

Alone it Costs $28 (CLICK HERE)

I also grabbed one of their beauty bars to add to my routine.

Wild Hibiscus & Carrot Cleansing Bar: It has Organic carrots, organic rice milk and moisturizing Aloe vera. This beauty bar can be used on your face and your entire body. This soap will help with blemishes on the entire skin. It is extremely hydrating and the smell is so wonderful.

This bar costs $6 (CLICK HERE)

All these products worked beautifully on my skin. I use the body bar after working out and it is super refreshing. I love these new additions to my Skincare rotation. I love that they are natural and leave my skin feeling so soft. One thing they use is Moringa and when I say this product is the sent from the heavens I mean it!

The other thing I love about this company is that they offer After Pay. If you know what After pay is it allows you to purchase items at a four plan payment rate. So the Kit will cost you $16.47 in four payments.

They are definitely a go to and I hope you guys check them out as well.

Love Aunty Kelechi

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