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Black Love Exists: Our Love Story (As We Showcase Black Brands)

Hey there guys!! I am super excited to share this post with you guys. Those that know me personally know that I am in a relationship that came after some heartbreak. Those that have been following me for a while know that I have a boo but you don't know the story. We were suppose to be having our traditional Nigerian Wedding on November 7th 2020 in Raleigh North Carolina. Unfortunately due to COVID and borders being closed we made the rough decision to push the wedding back a year.

Our wedding was scheduled for what would have been our two year Anniversary of when I slid in his inbox lol. As a way to celebrate our Anniversary and showcase some dope Black brands who we have purchased from I wanted to share some of our love story and some of the dope photos we have together all in some Black Owned Brands. Are y'all ready?

This is where we started and now where we are. Crazy story I actually met my love back in 2012 when he was my next door neighbor. I would see him everyday walking to his own town house and I would have the biggest smile on face looking all foolishly at this man lol. He was always a gentleman and even helped me with my groceries a few times. We never actually said what we felt but the chemistry was there! You could just feel it but honestly looking back I wasn't ready for this type of love and neither was he.

With anything when no one expresses interest people move on. He moved away and I started my own situation. I would continue to see him around campus until I graduated college the next year. Some how we also were friends on social media so periodically I would see him on my Instagram timeline and somehow we were also friends on SnapChat as well. We would comment on each others post periodically and say hello. Nothing much just the periodic greetings and that was about it

In 2018 I decided to go to Homecoming for our Alma Mater, North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University (Aggie Pride!!). Whats crazy is we both almost didn't make it. We ran into each other on the yard and he gave me one of the biggest hugs. Homey smelt soooo good, I just wanted to hold on to him for a little bit longer. Then my best friend grabbed me to come grab a picture. I told him to stay right there and I would be right back. Y'all want to know a secret? I didn't know his first name lol! Don't judge me y'all, I always just knew him as Long or Rod(via his SnapChat). After several pictures I headed back to where I told him to wait and he was gone, but apparently he had sent me a message on snap. Anyone that has ever been to #GHOE knows that his message was not going to get to me until after I left campus. He asked me what the move was for the night and as always I was headed to the #AfroBeats party. He already had plans with his friends so we ended up not linking up that night. A week went by and a girlfriend of mine made one of those "send this to someone and post what they say" posts. It said "slide in your crush's inbox and tell them they are now your Boyfriend/ Girlfriend and see what they say."

Matching set from SGTC Clothing, Shoes from MezziLeroy

I decided that I would slide in his DMs on Snapchat. One if he didn't see the message I wouldn't play myself, if he screenshot it I would know, your girl was not trying to get played lol. I slid in his inbox asked him if he was single, he said yes. I then said "well you are my boyfriend now" lol!! He laughed and said don't threaten me with a good time! I sent him my phone number and said the ball was in his court. He laughed and took 10 min before he text me(yeah I was counting lol). When he text me we ended up staying up all night talking about every which thing. He laughed at my jokes even though they are super corny lol. We both realized we would be in North Carolina for Thanksgiving that year and decided to plan a date for after thanksgiving. I was excited because it was my first date in a while. Now this date was ALMOST ruined because the location he was recommended was a sports bar, it also happened to be a game night. Now I like sports but not that much so you know that wasn't going to interest me. It also was in the heart of Tar Heel nation, it was about to have loud college students yelling and that was not a good look! He made some quick plans and we found out that we both loved sushi so we headed to a sushi spot.

Matching set from Ibe Tribal, Purse from @shopVoni

We spent what seemed like hours talking about ay and everything under the sun. We spoke so long the people at the restaurant started cleaning up around us low-key throwing hints that they wanted the table lol. We still spoke for about another hour after that. That night he kissed me and It felt so magical! At that moment I knew that I wanted to see him again!

Sadly we both lived in different states and both had plans so our next date wasn't for a while! In fact he wanted me to spend his Christmas cruise with him but I already as headed to Nigeria. That meant I wouldn't be seeing him for a while.

The next thing that happened helped me know that this was a man I wanted in my life for sure. In January of 2019 I had knee surgery. He called before I went into surgery and then again after. He was so attentive and also sent flowers and food for me and little man. Those small gestures showed me that he cared not only about me but the well being of my child. I was falling head of heels for this man and we both didn't know it.

Being a single mother I was very cautious with having men around. So I made this rule for him, if he was interested in me he would have to come see me a few times first before I came down to see him. Sure enough, once I was able to walk on my own and my son was out of town, he drove the 6 hours from Miami to Savannah to see me. Again we spent hours talking and anyone that knows him knows he doesn't talk often. He was so attentive and never complained about the rules about not meeting my son. Finally after months we made plans for him to meet my little one. The clicked instantly. That solidified that he was the man I wanted to be with. He was just so sweet and kind. His heart was always in the best place and he had a way of making me smile.

Skirt from @ShopOyemwen Blouse from AAF Boutique

We haven't always had perfect days, and we don't see eye to eye sometimes but I think with everything thing we have to learn how to balance and compromise. He isn't much of a picture taking kind of guy but whenever I say I want to do a photoshoot he is there. I am a talker and sometimes can take over the conversation. I am now more conscious of it and work on not interrupting him when he speaks.

He officially proposed to me on December 31st 2019 and our wedding was suppose to be November 7th 2020. As we know Corona came in and changed so many plans. I wanted to share our story because it seems like Black love isn't a thing. We seem to be at each others throats when I believe the black man and woman are the strongest forces on earth. I know we won't always agree but we have to take care of and protect each other. There are people out there that don't want to see us happy and thriving, and we are all we got!

Gown from Lovely Gowns

I am also sharing because I was a single mother, struggling balancing my career, motherhood and dating. it wasn't easy but I want all the single moms to know its possible.You don't have to compromise your standards in order to be happy. You don't have to put up with anything because some people in this world see you as old cargo because you have a child or children. There are men out that will love you and you child(ren). There are men that will support all your dreams without hesitation.

I found one and you can too!! Sis you are not spoilt, you are not broken and don't let anyone make you think any less! I think that it's a bit sad that society tries to make women especially black women feel that they cannot have a happy ending after having a child. Sis you can and I am proof! Love exists, black love exists!! So girlies don't stop believing!!

Well guys I hope you loved my love story and I would love to see some of yours in the comments. Ooh before I forget all these dope photos were taken by dope black photographers; @BrownBoyFotos, @ShotByBost, and @The_Hawthrone_Gallery As always please stay safe, wear a mask and wash your hands. Love on those who love you and don't stop believing in love!


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