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Business Minded: My review of shopping with Mae Otti

Hey guys I am back!! I hope you guys are staying safe out here and washing your heads. I am back this week with a ReVamp of my reviews of Black Owned Small businesses. So with this being right I had to start of with one of the first companies that I purchased from to launch the blog!

Yes you all remember the infamous Green Jumpsuit that I rocked from the Jumpsuit blog (Click here to read), well I got it from Mae Otti.

Its crazy because I found her company thanks to Facebook stalking my purchases and online site visits (I have now since disabled that feature lol). Any way one day while scrolling on the book, I saw a link for a Pop Up Shop in Savannah, Georgia. Y'all know your aunty loves Ankara so I was down to go. I told a few of my friends and we all made plans to be there! I decided to find her via Instagram to see what kind of things she carries and folks I was blown away. I honestly fell in love with a long trench she had made from Ankara and It was my mission to purchase that trench for my closet regardless of price! No exceptions I was about to flexing on y'all!

This is the trench!! Do you all see what I saw? Yeah I know you do! I WAS READY, you hear me? Ready to shut Michelle Obama's Internet down you hear me. Well POP Up Shop day came, in my grand fashion I showed up late and guess what?.........

the jacket in my size was gone!! my little feelings were so hurt. Yet there were so many dope pieces that I was super excited to shop and give her all my money.

Funny enough I was just starting off on my YOUTUBE and Instagram "influencer" journey. I knew that working with black owned companies at all levels is what I wanted to do, especially companies owned by black women. Statistics show that we hold the largest buying power, so why not use that to boost each other. Anyway there I go rabbling. Anyway as I said the trench was sold out but I found another one that I fell in love with!

This trench is called the Coretha and as you can see it versatile and is BOMB AF but sorry guys I got this last spring so this specific print is all sold out. She does have some new prints on the site (Click here) that are still bomb. During this POP up in Savannah is when I also met Mae the beautiful owner of Mae Otti.

Mae is originally from Nigeria but her company is now out of Atlanta, Georgia. This soft spoken woman is a force to be reckoned with! She has an understanding of what women want and need in fashion with consideration of ALL body types. I have noticed that a lot of companies make pieces for smaller women and all you see are smaller women on their site but Mae Otti isn't that company. She understands that all women are shaped the same so she ensures that all of her pieces can work for almost all women. Mae was super sweet and she took the time to talk to me and make sure I was able to find everything I was looking for. Everything was honestly the best customer service experience a customer could ask for. While at the Pop up I also grabbed a pair of pants that fit like she made them for me.

These straight leg trousers are in one of my favorite colors Yellow!! 🥰 🥰 Again guys I purchased these pants in the fall so they too are sold out and honestly the quality of her items are so dope that many things don't stay long so when you see it you have to grab it.

She does normally do about 12-15 Pop-Up Shops a year but thanks to COVID-19 she has had to cancel many of them but hopefully once outside is fully open look forward to her being right back out and hopefully in one of your cities.

Now if you can't wait for a POP-UP because you are planning your back to outside outfits you are always able to order via her online shop. Shipping is normally quick but please take into consideration that things have slowed down due to the Pandemic and may slow down the processing time and shipping but she is awesome and will ensure you get the right things in a timely manner. I honestly have nothing but good things to say about this company I mean you can tell I love them just check out some photos I have from them.

This is the Ella Top which is currently on sale

This is the Ella Top Orange which is also currently on sale 🥰🥰

This is the Lydia Wrap HI-LOW Dress

This is the Taytu Wrap Dress and yes, yes it has pockets 🥰🥰

This is the BIBI TOP ORANGE and it does have the ability to tie a bow at the neck. I am wearing an XL

This is the Ahoski Dress. It is currently on sale and I am wearing an XL

and Lastly are Two pieces like many of the first pieces I posted they are all sold out except the Crop Top I believe.

The company also offers Quad Pay and Kalarna which are options that split the cost so that you aren't dropping hundreds of dollars immediately in order to grow your closet. You still get your products in the same time but the payment is split. As always grab you something, and share a picture with me on how you played your piece, And always stay safe, wash your hands and if you can please stay home.

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