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Business Minded: Review of Grass Fields

Hey there hey!! Happy Wednesday and I hope your day is going well. If you are new to the blog welcome, if you aren't welcome back. On Wednesdays we do business reviews here. This week I am highlighting Grass Fields Ltd.

I first discovered Grass fields while prepping for deployment in 2014 via a Facebook ad someone tagged me in. At this time they were named the African Shop, I honestly thought it was a scam so I ignored the tag. Yet they continued to show up on my timeline so in 2015 I finally ordered a skirt from them to wear to Sunday service while deployed.

This cute blue and whit skirt was simple but it fit perfectly. I ordered it and received my order within two weeks, mind you I was in a deployed area.

About Grass Fields

The Grass-fields creators felt that there was a gap in the fashion market of well made African dresses with a modern flair, that were affordable to everyone. Come March 2013, brought us Grass-Fields (formerly known as The African Shop). Twin sisters Christelle and Michelle Nganhou, from Cameroon are the founders and CEOs.

They created their brand with a simple mission in mind to put the love back into African print clothing. The desire to give customers the best shopping experience ever. Where you receive great customer service as well as great products that you wont have buyers remorse afterward.

What makes them different

Grass Field actually makes their clothing in African Nations such as Cameroon and Nigeria. The fabrics are also sourced in these nations, while they make sure their workers make a livable wage. This part is particularly important to them, to make quality clothing without compromising their moral or ethics with their employees.

My Experience

After a good experience with my first purchase I decided to order a few more items. I knew I would be heading home soon for leave and my little sister's college graduation so I wanted something cute and simple to wear, I also was dating a guy and wanted something cute to wear on our date. I ordered this maxi skirt first and had it shipped to my mother's house.

While getting my other outfits together for my visit, they had another sale. Who doesn't love sales? I know I do. I ordered another skirt and had that shipped to my mother's home as well. I received my tracking number and knew that I was about to be FIRE when I got home! Well I got home and no package (well my second order). I checked the email I received and the tracking said my package was still in the UK. I was pissed!! I had plans and this was not part of it. I immediately emailed them and let them know what was going on. Christelle responded and told me that she would track down my package. Less than 24 hours later I had a response, somehow my package hadn't been sent and it was actually being returned to them. She informed me that by the time it got back to them, and they send it back it would miss my timeline of being home. She then gave me two options, I could get a refund or order something different. She sincerely apologized several times, this made me feel comfortable to just get another Item. She gave me the options and I chose my replacement, this was a Thursday night, my replacement item was there the following Friday. Now I couldn't wear it on my trip just because things went by quicker than I thought but I saved the skirt and wore it later on.

What stuck out to me was that she followed up and communicated the whole time my products were in transit. This one act had me as a customer! Yet 5 years later I am still a customer, because as you can see that the simple fact is their products stand the test of time.

In the last few years here are some new looks I have purchased.




Grass Fields offers beautiful pieces at an affordable price. I honestly order things and get them within a week of my purchase and the items are coming from the UK. So yeah shipping is fast (unless they have a big sale then it might be a little bit longer)

The customer service is awesome and they are one of the few sites that show models of all sizes. I am not a size 2, I love that about myself. I love my shape, yet in the fashion world especially with African prints, they don't honestly show women of multiple shape. I shop at companies that show the beauty of all women. Grass Fields carry sizes up to US 18 sometimes 20.

Grass Fields has me as a long time customer. As always guys if you grab something from them, tag me so I can see your slay. Stay safe guys and remember wash those hands.

#Cutedresses #sexymama

I only review the companies I have had a good experience with because I feel that there are already enough bad reviews out in the world already, no need to add mine.

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