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Business Minded: Shopping With Afrikayla

Hey guys!! Happy Saturday, hope your Saturday is going well and just wanted to say thank you for taking time out of your schedule to read my blog. You reading makes my day, as well as sharing my blog! You make me grow and want to continue all of this so thank you. Now back to what you are really here for, Shopping with Afrikayla.

The Brand

Afrikayla is a Nigerian based afrocentric clothing brand that loves to infuse both historic and modern trends to create unique ready to wear pieces. It was founded in 2016. It's owned by Ibijoke Shallangwa, a Nigerian make up artist, wife, and mother to four (yes you read correctly) children. Afrikayla first started of as an African brand for kids but gradually evolved to the Afrikayla that we see today. A growing powerhouse that sells fashions for Men, Women, and children.

How I found them

As you guys know, big brother is always listening! Don't believe me, see how your social media directs you to things that you may have purchased before or things similar. Well in my case I have been looking at a lot of Nigerian Brands. This particular set, the Carina set showed up on some Nigerian creatives I follow. I liked the look but was still trying to learn about shopping back home while being here in the states. I had just shopped with SGTC and though I had a great experience I was still being careful. Well my luck would have it while shopping on I saw the set! I was comfortable making my purchase via this site so I was ready to purchase. Purchasing via the site was super easy and Afrikayla's size chart was clear and concise. I made my purchase and in about 12 days my Carina set was at my door.

In fact I rocked it with a tulle skirt for my shoot in Savannah, Georgia back in January. The shirt was long enough to wear untucked but still tucked nicely inside the skirt that came with it. After I tagged them in the post for my selfie series I realized how many other dope pieces they had.

My purchases

They were having a sale and I decided to take a chance and make my second Nigerian based brand purchase. I don't even think they know that but just like adetoke and SGTC, Joke and her team are part of me being comfortable purchasing from companies based in Nigeria. Upon payment they begun creating my next to custom outfits.

I grabbed the Teyo Set (Left), and the Fola Blazer set(Right). As in most cases my size was not on hand so they made these two custom for me and again in about 14 days from the time of purchase my items were on my front door ready for me to wear. Many of you remember the Fola Blazer set from my anniversary lewkbook edition.

I have since then made several other purchases which I am completely in love with! As you can see I grabbed the Rally Jumpsuit (Yall know I love a good Jumpsuit), The Oprah Set, The Imani Dress, and the Ankara and stripes set.

All of these pieces were made to order, because aunty's body size, we get things that fit us properly lol. Shopping with this brand is honestly a breeze. Afrikayla takes purchases via world remit which helps you send money directly to their account and lets you track it. The other thing I like about them is that their prices are clearly stated none of this inbox me for price stuff. They also give you a clear deadline of when your items will be ready. They honestly update you the entire process. So go ahead, stop doubting and grab something today! Tell them aunty Kelechi sent you.

As always love bugs take care of yourself, stay safe, wash your hands, and remember that Black Lives will ALWAYS MATTER. If you do grab something tag me and show me how you styled your piece.

Love always

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