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Business Minded: The SGTC Brand (My review)

Hey guys welcome back!! Its Wednesday and the week is almost over!! Its day 90000000 in quarentine lol. I hope you are doing well guys and your families aren't driving you crazy lol.

This week I am doing my business review on a company from Nigeria. I found SGTC last fall while on the discover page after typing in #Ankara so many times that IG showed me this picture from the company, I fell in love but never followed up to see the company and all the details.

About a week later while scrolling on another Nigerian influencer @the_real_chi IG page. I saw her in this dope skirt and of course she tagged their name from this picture she posted.

I was in love with the mixing of print, and I just knew I needed to have it. I headed over to their page and fell even more in love because it seemed like that is what they specialized in. The company is created and run by Adetoke Oluwo a Nigerian native residing in Lagos. SGTC stand for Styles Goes To Church, which I love because all their pieces can be worn to church.

I was hype and was ready to give them all my money right away. Yet when I went to purchase, I didn't see a website, they don't provide refunds, and they were located in Nigeria. Now please don't get me wrong I am proudly Nigerian and I am not shading my folks but I am always already skeptical of shops on social media. Honestly sadly my people have not helped ourselves with many scams going on back home, so yes I was a bit nervous. especially because this would be my first time directly ordering from a shop in Nigeria without me being present.

Chi goes home yearly so I assumed she got it while in Nigeria on one of her trips. As I said before this was going to be my first time ordering from a company back home so ignorantly I was like well how are they going to ship this to me (mind you Nigeria defiantly has DHL and so I am not ashamed to admit I was allowing living in the states shade my view of my home nation). I sat on ordering for like two months but then I finally reached out via their DMs. I asked how much the things I wanted would be and their methods of payment. The young lady on the other end was super helpful and answered all the questions. I stalled again for about two weeks but then I decided to purchase. If I got scammed the world would hear about it! In those two weeks while waiting something that stuck out to me that made me comfortable with coming back is, they didn't harass me to order. They were not messaging me asking when I would pay or trying to convince me to buy with some magical price drop. Don't get me wrong I am not saying they didn't care about my business but they weren't pressing me. They knew their worth and if I wanted to trust in it they would give me the best service when it was time to purchase and I could sense that.

When I reached back out to purchase, something that I noticed that was that it was now a new person working the IG page. The person was not aware of my previous conversation with their coworker. They were still very professional and sweet but they did have to scroll back through the chat to see what I was trying to order. After they saw what it was I wanted they asked me if I wanted the pieces customized or the factory sizes. I decided to utilize my measurements just so that it would be more of a custom piece especially since I am not shaped like the normal woman (Aunty no get hips lol).

The rep also told me that the company took Zelle and that made me more comfortable so I was ready to order. I decided not to over do it and only get two pieces and then come back later if it met what I wanted. Due to my order being customized it took about 20 days from once my payment was confirmed to the time it was at my door step from Nigeria. They kept me updated from when production begun all the way to when they dropped it off at DHL. They told me if there were any issues to please contact them. This whole interaction left me feeling very comfortable with handling business with them.

Here are my first two pieces

Silk Ankara Two Piece

I love me a high waisted trouser especially with a flared leg. So this piece was a must purchase. I chose the yellow fabric because I love yellow and think it looks beautiful on my skin.

The fabric is soft and it flowed on me. I will say that I originally didn't notice the openings on the Arms of the top and at first was a bit disappointed but not that I have worn this a few times I am super in love because it allows for a peak at my tattoos and its super different. Another great thing I truly enjoy about this is that I can utilize the two pieces seperatly

I think throwing a cute white top on with these pants make for a cute date or brunch outfit.

Mixed Print Midi Dress

The next piece I grabbed was a mixed print fitted dress with flared sleeves

I loved the fit on this dress and it gave me the illusion of hips that I don't have. This is a cute outfit for church but I can also wear it to a business lunch or a cute gown an sexy day party or brunch

I was super pleased with this purchase so about a month later I decided to make a purchase again, I again purchased only two pieces. I will say that dealing with them has created a confidence in Nigerian based online companies that I didn't originally have before. This has also taught me how to properly convert Naira to dollars because the items and shipping costs are given in Naira.

Peplum Jacket set

This piece is a peplum jacket with a straight leg trousers. The top is actually a wrap top piece and ties in the front or in the back which is up to you. The pants are not high waisted but they are still cute. This for me I would defiantly wear to church and a grown get together.

As always you can always wear the pieces separately and a you know me I love to use Ankara in as many outfits as I possibly can.

This mix lets you wear this in fall and early winter. I actually wore this exact outfit to church.

Deconstructed Set

This next piece was originally designed with shorts and in a different print (which was sold out when I went to purchase). It was also originally made with shorts.

Looking at the outfit again I think I am going to buy it again but in the way it was original designed. Now don't get me wrong though I love the way I got mine made as well.

The pants sit right on the hips and its a straight leg cut. I like the prints together and separately but I haven't had a chance or event to were them separately to thanks to aunty Coro.

By January I knew that SGTC would now be a brand I reached out to. As a late birthday gift to myself and a late Christmas gift to my fiancé I bought some more items. The pieces I bought for my fiancé we haven't captured so I will save that for another post. These are the ones I have captured.

Polka Dots X Ankara Midi

I saw this piece on their insta-story and fell in love with how different it was. I am in love with different styles that people will normally not go for.

It has ruffles and I love me some ruffles!! it's not for everyone but it's something I love.

This next piece I actually saw on another fashion blogger before I saw it on the SGTC page. I shared the top piece in the Selfie Series I purchased this in a US 18.

This is what it looks like as a full piece, My skirt is a bit longer than hers.

Hands down they are the masters of mixed print!! No one out here is doing it like them and I am loving watching this trend. All in all I have had a great experience with The SGTC Brand and I would recommend them. They are very professional and quick but remember they are an international company and shipping won't always be as quick as a company stateside. Nigeria is currently on lockdown for the next two weeks so if you place your order add that into the calculation of when you will receive your products. Head over to their instagram page and place your order via DM and tell them Aunty Kelechi sent you.

As always remember stay safe, wash your hands and please remember if you make a purchase, tag me and share your slay.

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