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How I Styled My Era Set from Midget Giraffe

About a month ago I finally was able to purchase a set from the brand Miget Giraffe (they sell out quick)! Yet I lucked up and was able to get one of the Era sets which from my view point is one of the company's best sellers. Why? Because its always sold out thats why. Imagine my excitement when the sets were available and my card didn't decline when I clicked pay lol.

Midget Giraffe is a company created by a young lady named Linda. Linda like me, is a Nigerian woman from the Igbo ethnic group. She like myself also grew up in Nigeria, well she probably lived there younger than me but hey trying to connect with her lol. In her research for her company, she couldn't find any fashion houses creating pieces that were culturally inspired, yet made with a contemporary street-style twist.

As the Queen she is she created her own company, MIDGETgiraffe, established January 2015. She wanted people to boldly use fashion to embrace the cultural diversity of the world by using traditional fabrics in an urban context.

The Set is a Crop Top with trousers, It is a subdued Yellow with black and red shapes within the pint. The crop top sits high when you have big breasts (I am she, these are my problems lol). The pants are joggers style, they collect at the ankles and have zippers for easy wear.

These pieces are easy and fun to dress up or dress down. I dressed this down in my "Petty Tee" post with a great graphic tee. I also enjoyed dressing them up as well.

Blouse: SheinOfficial

Blouse: H&M

Shoes: Loloshotique

I didn't only style the pants, but I was able to style the top as well. It was nice to be able to style it with pieces from my closet.

Blouse: Midgetgiraffe

Skirt: Amazon

I hope you enjoyed these looks and as always when you grab yours tag me so I can see your great looks.

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