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My Favorite Jumpsuits For This Summer!

Everyone is having a Hot Girl Summer , meanwhile I am having a jumpsuit summer. If you know me you know I love me a great jumpsuit and this summer has been no exception. These jumpsuits are my favorite and guess what?? They are all from black owned companies.

The first one is from one of my favorite companies Mae Otti, this jumpsuit is currently sold out but if they restock it is a must have piece. This off the shoulder green jumpsuit paired with my melinated skin was just sensational!! ooh and how can I forget, it has pockets!!! I purchased it from one of their pop up stories in Savannah, GA this summer. This was one of my favorite summer purchases.

The second jumpsuit comes from TrueFond a company located in Ghana. This is their Hibiscus Jumpsuit. This off the color flare jumpsuit fits like a glove especially on my boobs and that isn't an easy task! I will say this is not a last minute type of purchase. When i say this i mean if you have an event in 5 days this outfit will not get to you in time. Yet it was worth the wait and girl did I look all kinds of fly!

Last but not least this Red off the shoulder long sleeve jumpsuit comes from Grass Fields. I purchased this jumpsuit during one of their sales. Its is called the Daraja and its something one can wear to a brunch, wear to church, and even wear to a red carpet event. Let me not forget my favorite part, it has pockets!! Yes i am a sucker for pockets but hey i think its the old tomboy in me lol!

You need one or all of these in your closet, you won't regret it!

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