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It's a Lewk! Wide Leg Ankara Pants

Welcome back to the blog guys! I hope you all are doing well and still staying safe in these times. Well guys I am back at it again and here with a new lookbook for you guys. These are a few wide leg Ankara pants I have grabbed over the last few months!

Lets Jump Right in to these Lewks

Ire African Print Pants

These pants are from Ofuure, they are currently sold out. I grabbed these in a XL. They have elastic in the Waist and the pants are approx. 47inches in length.

African Print Wide Leg-Yellow

I grabbed these from Nomose Couture in an XL. They are currently on sale for $60 prior to tax and shipping. They fit well on the hips and sit well on the waist. The approx Length of Pants are 45″ long (inseam 32 inches) and they have pockets. click here to grab yours.

African Print Wide Leg- Green

I grabbed these from Nomose Couture as well. They are currently on sale for $60 as well. They accentuate my backside, and sit greatly on my hips as well. Click Here to grab yours

AISHA African Print Wide Leg

I grabbed these wide leg pants from FLAIR by Ashi. They are currently on sale for $40 prior to taxes and shipping. They have some elastic on the waist so those of you that are thicker than me have some room lol (Little Hips Matter). They are approx 47inches in length, I grabbed these in an XL. Click here to grab yours.

Silk Wide Leg Pants

These you guys have seen from my review of SGTC brand out of Lagos Nigeria. I grabbed these a back in October. I grabbed them in a UK 18 which is a US 16. You can grab yours via Instagram.

These pants are dope and great for brunch or church. I can't wait till outside is fully opened so we can all rock out ours! Remember as always tag me and show me how you style yours.

Love Aunty Kelechi

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