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It's A Photoshoot: My Experience with Shots By Priiincesss

In May of this year while prepping to head to Atlanta for Carnival I decided that I was going to do a professional shoot and actually kick off this blogging/ Influencer thing. I am a member of a facebook group for black women who Youtube and Blog. I came across a young lady who stated she was a blogger and photographer and she was located in Atlanta. I went to her page and loved the Images of Melinated beauties and decided she was the one. I booked a shoot with her for the Monday after Carnival and couldn't wait.

Who is Priiincesss

Priiincesss is a Haitian Native who is currently located in Atlanta, GA. This beauty is a business minded queen. She has been running her lifestyle/fashion blog for the last eight years, and serving as a photographer for the last three years I believe. She is sweet and patient and has an eye for capturing the best angles that will work not only for your vision, your clothing,but for your body as well. Her energy captivates you and keeps you engaged as you shoot, but stick to your timeline unless you will get lost in conversation. She has so many experincess that you just want to ask her so many questions. She is a whole vibe and worth the experience of shooting with.... so lets dive into my time with her and what you need to know.


Priiincesss offers several packages and in fact while I was writing this post sis increased the options she offers. She has packages for everyone, here are some of her packages.

Bloggers/ Entrepreneurs Session starts at $175 which gives you up to 3 outfits, and you receive all the Unedited Images, and 5 edited Images.

Group Session starts at $250 which gives you up to 3 people, there is no outfit change BUT you can always add on to the package.

SS Deal: Unlimited outfits (This is my favorite package) this package is $200 (Please be aware the price is subject to change) it comes with unlimited outfits for a one hour shoot and 5 edited images per outfit. As a blogger or a small business owner this is a GREAT deal.

The Experience

Ok so I booked my shoot and she picked the location. I arrived dressed in my first outfit and Priiincesss arrived with ideas on hand. She asked me my vision and intent for the images. I had some what of an idea but still didn't have a clear direction of what I wanted. Which was just fine with her, and honestly just fine with me. Yet somehow she seemed to have my vision already in her head. This time (remember this) we knocked out 5 outfits in one hour, I even did a quick product shoot for my friends product. That is not an easy feat especially not in this hot Georgia sun. Yet we knocked it out and I was impressed.

I left the shoot satisfied and ready to see the images. Twelve days later I had images ready for my use. These were accessible digitally from an easy to use website (many photographers forget that costumers need to easily be able to access their pictures when choosing the sites they distribute through). The images were gorgeous, she captured my smile and not only did the clothing pop but I popped as well. After that I knew Priiincesss was going to be my Atlanta photographer.

so of course when I did my Black Girl Magic Shoot I couldnt see anyone else capturing it but of course a Melinated Queen.This time i booked the unlimited package and we knocked out 7 outfits. Mind you its a Hot Girl summer and we are in hot ahhh Atlanta so capturing all this chocolate in all that heat, before we both melted was not an easy feat. Since the last time we shot, Priiincesss updated her turnover time for photos. It is now 10-14 business days from the completion of the shoot (That means you don't count saturday or sunday) Anyway on Day 10, my mind was blown AGAIN!! I received my photos and ya girl did her thing!! I mean i wasn't shocked because she is beast but I was still in love. Like i said last time it takes people with melanin to know how to properly capture it as well as the edits, its just something. I can't put my finger on it but we just get it.

My Rating and How to Book

All in all I give her 5 crowns because this queen had me feeling the Princess Experience. She not only did a great job but made sure that if my crown shifted she fixed it and y'all didn't even know. I might be a little biased though because I love everything she does but I also keep it real and sis is a boss. Go ahead and book your next shoot with her. Go ahead just click the link

All Images are products of Shots By Priiincesss

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