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It's a Photoshoot: Review of The Hawthorne Gallery

Its that time again guys, it review time!! Today we will be talking about Michael Hawthorne, owner and CEO of Hawthorne Gallery. The Hawthorne Gallery is a Veteran Owned business out of Savannah, Georgia.

How I met Michael Hawthorne

About two months ago here I was in dire need of content photos. My normal Savannah Photographer was super busy and couldn't get me in, driving four hours to atlanta in the middle of the day was a no go. What was I to do? I jumped on Instagram and typed in the Hashtag #savannahphotographer several popped up and there I went. I was searching for a photographer that could properly capture dark skin. I also wanted to keep true to my platform of supporting black owned businesses. After several pages came across the The Hawthorne gallery, I shot him a message and asked if he was available for a last minute shoot and sure enough he responded and asked what time worked for me. Boom we were in there, i won't lie i was nervous. I didn't know this guy and no one I knew had ever worked with him. Yet upon arriving at where we were shooting I got the feeling of ease. He made me comfortable and listened to what I wanted.

Our First Shoot

After getting these photos I knew I was adding him to my photographer rolladex. So here I was again needing a photographer for family photos and needed some content for you all. Michael came in handy yet again. I called him and he filled us in to a slot.

The Hawthorne Gallery is one of the best photographers in the Savannah Area and he is reasonably priced. His rates are reasonable and you could knock out a shoot starting at about $150+ which is pretty reasonable compared to may others, plus his work is worth it. If you are in need of a great photographer who also travels and has a great turn around time well look no further Mike is your guy.

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