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Item Of The Week: Arcani Enthroned Edges Edge Control

Hey yall how are y'all doing? These last few days have been exhausting and as we watch the things going on this nation it is disheartening as a black woman. I don't know what to say or do. These moments have reminded and motivated me as to why I will continue to push the support of black owned companies.

In this same week I was talking to a friend about how sometimes I get frustrated with Black owned companies who fail to do the right thing. Their behavior now makes it harder for those doing the right things. She reminded me that we needed to be more forgiving of Black Owned Companies as we are those that are not. She really had me thinking and I had to convict myself. How can I say that my brand and platform is to uplift and support Black Owned Companies but because of frustration keep myself from sharing a great product. I do feel that we should hold each other more accountable but I have come to realize we need to show favor as well. So here is my honest review of the company and product.

How I discovered Arcani Coil Care

As many of you know I only do reviews of companies I have had good experience with. I do not solicit items (If a company asks for a review I will do) I actually purchase from the companies you see on my Blog.

I first discovered Arcani Coil Care Edge Control in September 2019 via their Facebook Ad, where they do the #RubChallenge. I won't lie when I saw the commercial I was like this a whole lie! I asked them to show me a video of someone with 4C extra tight curly hair. They sent me the link to the video. After watching I said hey why not. I made the purchase and in about a week I received my product. I wont lie initially I was skeptical because they have a no refund policy, and their processing time is 10-14 business days. Yet I said what the hack if its a scam, I got got BUT I will let everyone know its a scam.

Yet like I said I received my product in about 7 days after I ordered and used it for one of my shoots. As you can see sis's edges were LAID! Arcani Coil Care is a black woman owned business out of Dayton Ohio. They specialize in hair care for black hair in anything from Edges to beards.

Now they say that the product will last 3-5 days before reapplication is needed. In my case that is not true! The reason why is because I work out daily, and I sweat in my head so that sweating causes for me to apply the product daily. I have no problem with this though because the product lasts me 24 hours. That is way better than any other edge control I have ever used. I initially purchased one 4oz jar and that actually lasted me a while but I didn't use the product daily(depending on the thickness of your edges you wont need much). As the directions say, I take a small amount place on my edges, style them the way I want. once the style is made, I rub the product in and it sets the edges for the rest of the day. What else really impressed me was that it is handmade and water based. The 4oz container will cost you about $17 and $20 for the 8oz container.

In December I ordered the 8oz container as I prepped for my trip to Miami with my love. Again in about 7 days from the time I ordered I had my products at home mind you this was holiday time. Yet these products held up in the Miami heat.

Had my edges looking dope when my love popped the question on the 31st. As you can see I loved the product and the quickness of their processing.

What Happened?

I was on leave and able to wear my hair however I wanted. I also started wearing my hair in a bun when I went back to work. I started using it daily and so it finished quicker than the last time. On April 9th I placed a new order for another 8oz. I don't follow the company on IG so I never noticed any updates that were placed on their page. I knew that by the time my new item arrived my last product would be done. I knew that worse case scenario it would take two weeks before I received my items. I wasn't worried because I had planned accordingly. Yet 14 business days hit and I was yet to get anything about the status of my product.

Now I knew that for many companies due to COVID-19 my item may have been delayed. I became frustrated when it hit 21 business days and I still hadn't heard from the company. I of course reached out then I finally got the email that stated that shipping was delayed. Again I was being patient, but it took weeks before I received an email which again was the mass email they sent to everyone. I finally went on their social media to see if I was the only one dealing with this issue. I wasn't!! I ordered on April 9th, I didn't receive my product until May 29th. I was pissed and I wont lie one of the videos posted by who I believe to be the owner was VERY condescending and didn't hit me well.

In my opinion the lack of communication was a huge problem, followed by the perception given in the videos. I do want to say this, NO ONE deserves to be cursed out the way she stated she and her employees have been. I do not think that disrespecting a company is how you go about things. When companies like Fashion Nova fail to ship products many of us say nothing to them so I will never understand why we feel the need to curse out black owned companies. Yet I do understand that when it comes to your money you become frustrated. I am no different I hold anyone liable no matter the company from Amazon to Nike. I strongly believe that it is your responsibility as a company to inform your customers when things happen. When you fail to effectively communicate you loose the trust of the customers. I will say that they did include a free conditioner as well as a discount code as an apology.

Despite my frustrations with this recent occurrence, I still believe this was a one time occurrence and that Arcan Coil Care is worth forgiving. Their product is worth it and though I may not agree with how this was handled, I can't throw away previous interactions with the company. They did put out a statement that they are no longer dealing with delays and things have returned back to normal. I mean sis edges stay laid with this product so in my opinion it is worth the wait.

As always guys stay safe out there. I also ask that in this time you protect your peace. I ask that you love on your sons and daughters, husbands and wives. I ask that you love on you and never let these folks take away your joy.

Love your Favorite Aunty.

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