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Item Of The Week: Che Natural

Happy Sunday guys!! I know I know Item of the week was suppose to be posted yesterday but life happened. Yet I wasn't going to let the week end and the new week start without sharing. This week will be another skin care review. I want us to be able to take care of out lovely myelinated skin with items from companies who are catering mainly to us, as well as are owned by us.

This week's Item is the skin care bundle from Che Natural

Che Natural is a black owned company out of Philadelphia (The city of brotherly love). The Owner and CEO is Niche' Clement. She is a  Muslima, Wife, Mother of 3, and an Entrepreneur. She is a graduate of Penn State University with a BA in Business Marketing & Management (YASS SIS lets get it).

Upon having her daughter she discovered that her little one had severe eczema, as any mother she became desperate to find something safe and natural to use on her child's skin. As a mother whose child had childhood eczema I understand the desire to not want to use steroids on your child's skin. This lead her to making products that would work for her precious one and here we are with Che' Natural. I discovered Che Natural about three months ago on my normal IG search for more black owned companies I could support. Che Natural popped up and I became interested.

I am always looking for skin care products to help my skin glow. The skin care bundle includes Hair & Skin Smoothie, Turmeric Soap, FaceToner  each weigh 4 oz and it will be about $30 prior to shipping and tax.

Face Toner

Rose water & lemon essential oil! 

This toner I use after I wash my face or before going outside. It is helpful and necessary for people with oily or acne-prone skin, or for people who want extra cleansing. I spray it on to a cotton ball and use it to cleanse my skin. It is gentle on my skin and I have even used it on my little one.

Turmeric Soap

Che’s All-Natural Turmeric Soap is handmade from all natural products. It was created for ALL skin types and is gentle enough for the most sensitive skin!  

As you can see in this picture I actually use this soap! I normally use this after a heavy make up day. I rinse my face with warm water, lather the soap in my hands, and apply to my face avoiding my eyes of course. While it is still on my skin I brush my teeth and floss then I wash it off with a warm wash cloth. My skin feels so soft and clean after I love it!

Skin and Hair Smoothie

This organic Hair Smoothie was created from some of Che's favorite products, herbs🍃 and essential oils.

Ingredients: Raw Shea butter, raw coconut oil, grapeseed oil, almond oil, black Jamaican castor oil, lemon essential oil, Rosemary oil. 

Now I will be honest I do not use this product on my face often. I use it on my body and my hair. As with other shea products I use this on my face prior to heavy makeup and as a protectant or after I exfoliate or a skin peel. That is just my personal preference due to my skin BUT I love this on my hair!!

I use all of these products often and I will recommend. She also carries other natural products for hair care and different soaps that I will be purchasing soon.

As I said last week I rotate products on m skin just so my skin doesn't hit a plateau. I am sharing products that I feel work on my skin combination skin. I hope they work for you and as always please tag me and share your experiences with me.

I am also officially a Brand Ambassador for this company but I pride myself on honesty and I will never share a product until I have used it myself! If you choose to purchase and would like a discount use my code: AuntyKelechi for 10% off your entire purhcase.

Keep safe, love yourself and wash your hands.

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