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Item of the Week: Kannie's Kosmetics Review

Hey all and welcome back to the blog! Today is item of the week and you know these last few weeks I have been doing skin care products. If you have been following me for a while you know I am getting married the year and I am really trying to have my skin glow!! In my opinion who better to help a melinated woman and her skin other than others who share similarities with me. I also want to go as natural as possible because too many chemicals aren't that I want. This is one of products I have added to the rotation of my skin care routine.

As I have said before I have products on rotation in order to keep my skin from hitting a plateau. I have some dark spots and acne scars from picking at my bumps and I really want to get rid of them. Back in February I came across an ad for Kannie's Kosmetics on the Shade Room and decided to give them a try.

Now you guys know that these aren't paid reviews, I purchase the items and ACTUALLY use them. Normally at this time I would give you a background on the company but truthfully I couldn't find anything about them. There is nothing on their sites or social media. Yet from the pictures I gather they are defiantly black owned and all products are handmade. They use all natural products and sift through to remove all impurities by hand. I would hope to find out something about the people who created the product and clearly take the time out to ensure the integrity is of their products remain in tact.


The Turmeric & oat facial cleanser face mask is said to be super charged with antioxidant, rich with properties to maintain clear, youthful, radiant skin. It is also suppose to reduce the appearance of acne scars, balance out oily skin and even out skin tone.

I use the mask once a week, some times I mix it with my Aztec clay mask to add to the detox. Now I have some very deep scars like I said before because I pick at bumps. I also never really tried to address them out of fear of lightening my skin. If you have never smelled turmeric its a sting smell but I like the smell, reminds me of curry chicken. The mask will cost you $15 for 3.5oz which will last about 10-12 uses.

The Acne and Dark Spot serum Is both an oil and a serum. The serum is very light and smell wonderful. You only need about two to three drops on you palm and rub it on your fave. It is recommend to use at night before bed. It is made with Argan oil, Lemongrass essential oil, Bergamot essential oil. Now the oil isn't cheap but its worth the $30 price tag for 1.8FL Oz. Like I said before my scars are deep and I won't lie to you and say they have magically lightened and y'all know that sometimes your Aunty is lazy and may skip some night time routines. Yet I will tell you I have seen a great difference and they are getting better. my slight hyperpigmentation has also evened out.

I think both these products are great additions to my routine and I think they would be great additions for yours as well. They have several other products and I think once some of my other items are done I will check back in with you guys soon.

Please stay safe! please wash your hands and wear your masks. As always if you grab an item I recommend please tag me and let me know how its worked for you.

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