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Its A Lewk: Ankara and Tulle Lookbook

Welcome back guys!! I hope you are staying safe during the virus as well as going out to protest the injustices we see in our nation. It took me a while before I posted because like many of you I am tired. As a creative whose platform is supporting black owned companies it is my job to push our companies into the limelight that they deserve.

The following are some great Ankara an Tulle looks I put together. I am a sucker for tulle!

The Green Hi-Slit

I purchased this skirt from Oyemwen via her shop. I matched it with an Ankara top from my tailor. You can grab this skirt for $120 bucks. I grabbed the Skirt in a Large.

The Horizon Ankara Look

If you have been following me for a while then you saw this look in December for my birthday. I grabbed this fabric from All Things Ankara (Click Here to Buy) and my tailor. I grabbed 6 yards of this fabric (I made a few things with this) for $44 and my tailor got the skirt this outfit cost me $130 total. If you want to grab this my tailor can be contacted via his IG @AAFBOUTIQUE or African American Fashion Boutique.


This is another Oyemwen piece! I grabbed this baby via the Shop All Things Marketplace. It cost me $270 and guess what? Shop All Things Marketplace uses Afterpay! That means you can grab this for four payments of $67. You can choose you fabric for the Blazer and she will pair it with the matching tulle. (Click here to buy) I grabbed this in an XL.

The Carina Look

I grabbed this from Shop All Things Ankara Marketplace as well. This is the Carina from Afrikayla, the shirt doesn't come with the skirt it is part of another set BUT hey I love pairing items. The Set come with a skirt as well and it costs $49 prior to tax. To grab one head over here. I grabbed this in a US 16.


I grabbed this look from SGTC as you guys know I love them. I grabbed this blazer as a set from them and decided to do this match up. I love this Green and White (Naija baby)!! I grabbed this in a UK 18, I won't lie I can't remember how much I paid but head over to their IG and grab one.

Well guys I hope you love these looks as much as I do. I wont pretend like it has been easy lately. I am drained and being a black in America is honestly not easy. My heart goes out to all the mamas who have lost their child to the racial inequalities in this nation. I just want you all to stay safe, love each other, and please stay happy.

As always don't forget to tag me in your looks.

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