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Its a Photoshoot: My Experience with The Slim Creative

Hey guys I know its been while and this post has been long time coming. Thanks to being ill it was delayed longer than I planned for it. Yet your girl is back in the game and here to share a new blog post about a new photographer. As you all know I always love introducing you all to black creatives you may not know or do but don't know anyone in real life that has worked with them. I am here to share my photos, booking experience, and well my over all experience with this Raleigh based photographer.

The Photographer

Johnathon Robertson or J. Robertson is the face behind the Slim creative brand. As always I ask the photographer questions so that you get to know them and understand the person behind the artist.

Where you are from? J is from High Point, North Carolina

When did you start photography? What made you start?Why do you continue to shoot? I started about 3 years ago, just shooting as another stream of income on top of my graphic design business. I was shooting literately anything I could and just shooting. No styling, no directing, just pointing and shooting. After a while, I started to feel like things became routine and I was tired of just shooting so I got back to my artist roots and started to actually create stories and pieces of art that people enjoy and love. I started to collaborate with other artists and creatives and doing what I truly enjoyed. I became a creative director and not just another photographer. I style, direct, teach, pick hair & makeup and so much more.

What is your vision for your brand/business? Lately, I feel that I have found my purpose in this creative lane and that is to show my black Queens & Kings in a beautiful authentic light. No filters no body modifications just blackness in all its melanin glory. I truly believe we don’t have enough representation in the media in a natural way and I’m doing my part to change that one frame at a time. That is my vision.

How I Found The Photographer

As always I was scrolling through instagram looking for North Carolina photographers I saw a photograph of a beautiful black woman in an open field. The picture was so simple but yet so breathtakingly beautiful I couldn't over look it. As I stared at the picture I was stuck and had to find out who this photographer was. As I went to his page @theSlimCreative I was engulfed with more beautiful pictures of melinated women that as I scrolled through I fell more and more in love with his work. I knew that he was one that I needed to work with before 2021 was over. I started planning my shoots for the rest of the year and he was the first on the list of must haves.

Booking Process

Upon making the decision to book him I headed to his site TheSlimCreative and chose the option that would suit my needs. He offers many options for you from Event coverage, Headshots, Portraits as well as Videos. I went with the OnSite option which is $250 for 1 location, 60 Minutes of shooting time, 15 Edited Images or 8 Full Retouched Images. The one thing about this that I truly love as a blogger is that there is not a limitation on clothing options. That allows for you to be able to take use your time wisely and gotten several looks in one shoot.

The Shooting Experience

After picking my package, he reached out to me to get a better understanding for my concept. I explained I had some African print Modern styled pieces that I wanted to capture. I sent the pictures of the dresses. As always I gave him permission to choose the location of the shoot.

He choose the North Carolina Art Museum, which if you have ever been you know it is a beautiful site to see. There are so many spots that makes it look like totally different locations in one. Our original date got rained out and we had to reschedule it for about two weeks later. When we got there foot traffic was bit much, but that was no doing of his own. He chose spots that went along with my brand vision. He made me feel at ease and that he understood exactly what I wanted without asking him. He also gave great direction helping me achieve the looks I wanted. We spent about 15 mins on each outfit which included changing times. I was able to get four looks into the shoot and they all turned out great!!

The Looks

I truly enjoyed my time and watching his creative juices flow. As a creative it is great working with others. Yet I enjoy creatives that know how to communicate their vision and direct you. He has the ability to create your vision all along with his branding and your. He can even bring the studio to you. It is worth the investment and time.

I hope if you get a chance to shoot with him you take it! As always take care of yourself, stay safe, wear your mask, wash your hands, fight for justice, and buy black.

Love your favorite Aunty,

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