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Its a Photoshoot: My Interview and Experience with John Brown of Brown Boy Photography

Happy Saturday!! its small business Saturday and I am sharing another dope North Carolina Photographer with you guys. So as you all know I recently relocated from the savannah area. As a blogger and creative one of the first things I look for is a local photographer in my area to produce content with. I always shoot with different people as you all know but I always have a go to photographer that I can consistently rely on in my area. Well I was having a hard time finding one in the immediate area that I now live in but I have been having a hard time doing that. Well my parents live about 2 hours away so I reached out to a photographer that I had worked with before about shooting. We got hit with COVID and man that pushed back a lot but when we did link it has been some magic!

The Photographer

The photographer I am talking about is @BrownBoyFotos on IG. His real name is John Brown from Brown Boy Photography. He is originally from Charleston, SC but raised in Raleigh, NC so homie is proudly from the 919 lol. As always I ask the photographer a few questions so that you guys can get to know a little bit about them. I think understanding the person behind the camera and why they do what they do will help you understand the beauty of their craft.

When did you start shooting and why?

I started shooting back in 2011. I felt like it was plus for me to add on to my graphics business. I’ve always been artistic since I was a child. So for me to take a picture be able to cut it out and place on flyers was a win win for me.

What is your vision for your Brand?

My vision is to eventually be a well known celebrity photographer. I’ve shot a few but it would be great to be THAT GUY!

How I found Him

If you have been following me for a while you know I like to play Mas. I travel with my friend Tracey aka American Wines Matter to play. Last year I decided to play Mas in Raleigh North Carolina with Unity Mas Band and John was the Photographer they had offering packages. I headed to his Facebook page and checked out some of his images. I loved them and decided to grab a package. I also decided to book a photoshoot with him for my mom's birthday. The two sets of photos turned out awesome and I knew I was going to keep him in the catalogue of photographers especially when I was in the area.

Living in Georgia I knew that I wouldn't be able to shoot with him again for a while but I defiantly knew we would be shooting again.

My Experience

Well earlier this year I moved closer to NC and was having a hard time finding a photographer whose content I was really vibing with so Jon popped back in my head! COVID had hit so I was working from home and looking at ways to use this time to build my content. I hit him up and he was down to shoot. I headed to NC and we shot some content I need for the look books I wanted to post! as you can see homie is fire!!

The looks were fire and I just couldn't not hit him up for my Blog Anniversary and y'all lets just get into some of these looks!

The thing that I love about shooting with John is that he always takes me to Dope locations. in the past 9 months he has shown me so many new places in Raleigh that I didn't even know existed. I think that is something that really matters with Photographers. I love that he took the time to learn his city and places that would make the clients visions come to reality. So it was a no brainer when we had to make the tough choice to push our wedding back that he would be the guy to shoot our new save the dates. He also shot almost all the pictures featured in our love story blog! I mean check it out

He captured all my melanin and showed the beauty of all the clothes and gave me a variety of settings for my vision. His turn around time is quick he sends me photos to review in about 72 hours of shooting and I get my edits back in about 7 to 14 days depending on how many edits I purchased.

If you want to shoot with John click here

As always take care of yourself, stay safe, take care of your mental health, love on those that love you. We need each other more that ever and I want you to know I am always here!

Love Always

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