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Its a Photoshoot: My Nigerian Shoot With FOCALPOINT Fotografia

Hey guys I am back!!! I know we not even going to talk about how I didn't finish wedding blogs. Dont worry y'all, I will wrap that up, I have just been living life and trying to enjoy it all. Anyway lets jump into this as I am super excited about this blog post.

If you have been following me for a while, you know I am Nigerian. You also know that I recently traveled back to Nigeria with my entire family. December or Detty December is normally the time of "The Return". This normally when those who have migrated abroad return home to visit family, get married, get engaged, and just turn up. Whether it be in the village or in one of the big cities. Well Aunty Kelechi after three years was returning and baby I knew I had to capture content.

Being a black content creator, whose focus is on black brands Globally and Nationally, being in Nigeria was an opportunity that I wouldn't miss. I knew I wanted to schedule a photo shoot with all Nigerian based brands and I knew I wanted to shoot it in Nigeria. I am going to share the Photographer, how I found him, and all the deets

The Photographer

Meet Adesina Adesoji Emmanuel, The owner and chief photographer of FOCALPOINT. He started shooting officially in 2013, as a way to keep busy as he waited to secure " a good job" (as we know in most African homes there are a few jobs our parents consider good; Engineer, Doctor, Lawyer, or Nurse anything else you are a disappointment 😂😂😂)

As he begun shooting he realized his passion, was exactly what he was looking for. It was a good paying job and so he begun to take it seriously. He invested his time and money and it has grown to what we see today. He loves to capture moments not pictures. Especially of couples, he says this allows him to capture their love in a visual story. As a creative himself he is able to take your vision and project it.

A question I ask all photographers: What is your advice to content creators?

" As a creative you must express your vision to your photographer. you must tell them what you want because like you they are creatives as well and so their vision and your vision may not match. Once you share you vision any good photographer will do their best to bring your vision to reality. Yet for great pictures you both must collaborate to take the vision to its highest form"

How I found him

In my search I originally typed in #LagosPhotographers as I would be doing the shoot in Lagos. I wasn't finding anyone who their look clicked with my vision. Eventually I contacted one of my friends; Adetoke who owns SGTC clothing. I asked her for help with locating a photographer and she directed me to FOCALPOINT. I had seen him on her stories previously as one of the photographers that captures her brand. I knew he was about to be on point but hoped he was in my budget.

I contacted him and requested the date, making sure I did this early because like I said December is a busy season especially for weddings. I locked in the Shoot for the 28th of December with it being on of the slow days of the season. He was super kind and gave me his pricing without the run around like some other photographers (Especially when they realized I was going from America). My shoot cost ₦200, 000, but this covered him coming to my sister's home in Victoria Garden City which is on the island of Lagos not the main land, as well as 10 looks with edits for all. This isn't a bad price, for all that I wanted. You can get other packages that will work for your desired need. He also travels around the country if need be.

The Shoot

The day of my shoot, I had a great makeup artist @Edens_Glam who beat my face to the gawds! I was running slightly behind with my hair, but he was kind and patient with me and waited for me to finish. To my surprise he showed up with his foot in a boot and crutches by his side. He assured me that they didn't matter and that he would be serving as the creative director and doing my edits. He also came with a second shooter and a lighting assistant. Which was great because when it came to lighting he had help and it helped make the shoot go super smooth.

As you know, I often just tell the photographers what outfits I have and then give them creative freedom. This was no different here. My sister's Estate had so many great locations within her street so I knew we could get some dope shots without moving too far. Despite him being in a boot he even captured some of my images and baby he captured all my angles and if you know you got to get low for that 😂😂. The shoot took about 2 1/2 hours which was great for the amount of changes I did.

The Images

I truly enjoyed my time shooting with him despite it being hot in Nigeria lol. it was dope watching his creative juices flow. It was awesome to have a creative director (who isn't my kid lol) on the shoot, who could see outside off the camera as well as what I needed in regards to my type of content. We had a good time showing my vision and my desire to grow. If you are ever in Lagos, Nigeria and want to do a shoot I suggest you hit him up. When return home I surely will.

As always take care of yourself, stay safe, wear your mask, wash your hands, fight for justice, and buy black. 2022 is a new year with some old problems but as with everything we can make it through together. Ooh and I will be more consistent with my Blogs.

Love your Favorite Aunty,

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