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Its a Photoshoot: Review with Scott McGregor

Heyyyyyy y'all its been a while since I posted, and even longer since I have done a Photographer review. Well I am excited because I have a few lined up! As some of you have noticed I have relocated from Georgia and I am now further up north in the south. I have had the great opportunity to shoot with some new and awesome photographers and I am excited to share them with you.

The first one in the series is Scott McGregor from Vision6 out of Raleigh, North Carolina.

The Photographer

Scott McGregor is 32, originally from Maryland. He came to North Carolina in 2005 for college and ended up staying. Scott is a full time photographer as well as works full time as a software developer for an analytics company.

I asked him how and why did he get into photography and this was his answer: "In high school I would enjoy taking photos with my disposable cameras and eventually my digital cameras. I have always been interested in photography but really decided to get serious a few years ago when I started taking photos for others. Photography to me is more than just taking photographs. Photography allows me to leave my unique mark in the lives of others. It allows me to capture precious moments while freezing the feelings and emotions of those moments. I treat each and every session with the same high level of care and consideration. My aim each is to provide images that bring about real feelings. These are more than just pictures; they are stories! I love the opportunity of being story teller!"

How I Found Scott

As I sated before I have relocated so I needed to get more photographers in the rolodex. As well as Coro Coro traveling every which and anywhere was not really reasonable. I needed to shoot content and I needed to shoot quickly. The other photographer I work with in Raleigh was booked and I need someone GOOD!

As with anything I went to IG and typed in #RaleighPhotographers as well as #BlackRaleighPhotographers. Sure enough a lot of photos popped up and I spent the time going through all of them. Then I came across some dope pictures. I found Scott and instantly hit him up. We scheduled a shoot and I was so excited.

The Shoot

I planned the shoot and was ready to get shoot. Welp as my luck would have it the day of the shoot it poured down raining and I was flooded in. I tried all routes and couldn't leave my neighborhood. Scott was super understanding and we rescheduled for another day. Again with my luck I got stuck in traffic heading to Raleigh and I was late to the shoot. Yet again Scott was super understanding and accommodating. I am bison letting the Photographer pic the location of the shoot because as a creative I believe in giving my photographer creative freedom. I just tell them the vision I have and they run with it. Any good photographer has a catalogue of locations in their books and they will know exactly where to go. He chose a location in downtown Raleigh that gave me a historic savannah feel and was perfect with my vision of the looks I had planned.

I normally try to capture at least 5 looks each shoot but I didn't know if that would be possible this time (my fault not his). In this picture it was starting to get dark and I knew I wanted to at least capture two more looks. Scott used his lights and his knowledge of capturing the moment to get this shot.

Want to know a secret? You see this picture below? It was shot while it was raining, HEAVILY! If you look to the left you see the puddle slowly forming. Scott still was able to capture this dope shot and NO ONE could tell that it was pouring down right around us! That is the type of photographer I want to work with. He captured the story I wanted to tell and he did it so effortlessly without me even telling him.

After I got these shots I knew I would be shooting with him again. A few weeks ago a scheduled two shoots in two days and I knew he would be one of the Photographers. I need great content and I knew he would help me provide that. I hit him up and again gave him the creative freedom to choose the location. All I told him was the feel I wanted and boom, here are some of the shots we got.

I say this all the time I only shoot with photographers who make me look tall, photographers that can capture my melanin. Scott does all that flawlessly, he captured my vision and helped me properly showcase these pieces from these great companies (Afrikayla, AfroFusion, and Entian). He is very affordable and great to work with, but hurry up cause he stays booked up! He is a great Black Photographer who believes in the vision I have. I wouldn't steer you wrong and his work speaks for itself. If you want to see some more of his work and book him head over to

As always stay safe, wash your hands, and please remember that OUR LIVES MATTER. I know this week has been rough and Kentucky told us that black women matter less than walls or bullets that missed but we matter and I love and appreciate your beautiful spirit!

Love Aunty Kelechi

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