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Jumpsuit Love Affair

My 2019 Jumpsuit Choices

Its safe to say that your Aunty Lovees a mean Jumpsuit. The only thing i can say is that if you can't be patient when its time to use the bathroom, these are not for you lol especially when you have been drinking lol. This year I think I have rocked quite a few but below are my favorite eight Jumpsuits and where I purchased them.


You all have seen this one from the begining of the summer when the blog first launched. This is a perfect jumpsuit for summer and spring events unless you live somewhere that is warm year round.


This Green Jumpsuit is still one of my favorites!! Its currently sold out on the website but if she decided to bring it back in a different color I am grabbing it

African American Fashion Boutique

This Jumpsuit was a custom made piece made by my tailor. This material was purchased in Nigeria and I used a total of 3 yards to sew it. You can purchase this from any Fabric store, check my IG for different places to purchase.


This long sleeve Jumpsuit is a year long piece. I purchased this from Grass- Fields during the summer but this piece can be worn in the fall and moderate winter. This exact piece is no longer for sale but they have recently released many similar pieces for you to choose from.


This is the Dunnie Rumper from TribalByN it is a simple but beautiful piece. It comes with a belt that I honestly just forgot the day of my shoot. This Purple and Yellow wide leg jumpsuit is a eye catching piece that also has lots of room for all your curves sis.

Made in Nigeria

This little Number was made for me by my sister's tailor in Nigeria. This can be easily replicated this fabric is called electric bulb.I wore this to my birthday brunch last weekend and everyone loved it.

NAB Stiches

This piece is a throw back. I purchased it from it from a Instagram page called NAB Stiches bout 4 years ago. I think this Jumpsuit is what started my love for mixed prints.


I got this piece from Laviye and man am I in love. This jumpsuit is not only wide legged but it is also an infinity tie. This means that you can change the look of the top in over 100 different styles.

OOH and this baby has pockets!! I love me some pockets!

I love every one of these pieces and honestly didn't realize how many I wore this year. My goal for next year is to wear 12 total, lets see if I can wear one each month.

Which one is your favorite? Do you own any of these pieces you can purchase? Do you own a jumpsuit that you love?

Grassfields - similar piece

Laviye- Similar piece

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