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Let's Shop: Three Nigeria Based Brands (I have shopped with in 2020)

Hey guys sorry that this didn't post at my normal time, I just had somethings I really wanted to add. I also made some more edit but I wanted it to be what I wanted and to be pleasing for you guys. Anyway we are back here on this lovely #SmallBusinessSaturday with three brands who are located in Nigeria that I have shopped with (Yes despite the lockdown lol). Y'all ready? ok lets jump right into it


Most of you remember this picture to the right from my post about my shoot with Scott (a local Raleigh, North Carolina Photographer). Well this dope two piece comes from Iconola. Iconola is a brand located in one of the biggest cities in the world, Lagos, Nigeria. This is also a woman owned brand. Y'all know I love supporting my women! This brand makes ready to wear Ankara Pieces and carry up to a UK size 18 which is a US 22.

I have actually been following them on my personal instagram for years but never checked them out. Shady Aunty Kelechi allowed for me to shop with them (Y'all know I want to give y'all all the best) and I am super glad.

They like many other brands in Africa carry Ankara pieces. Yet you can grab some non Ankara pieces. their size chart is super easy to read and customer service was great. You can head over to and grab this look and others.

I grabbed this two piece, a utility Jumpsuit, and another Jumpsuit that I have not Photographed with yet. I promise you that you won't be disappointed. Shipping didn't take long but one of the pieces did have to be made to fit me (my size was no longer available). It took about 15 days from the time I ordered to the time it was on my doorstep. Check me out!

Y'all can't tell me these me these looks are fierce!!!

RhonkeFella Brand

The RhonkeFella Brand is also a woman owned brand. They are not a ready to wear but a "made to fit" brand! What is made to fit you may ask? Yes they have designs that you can shop but the design is not made until you purchase and it is based on your measurements. As y'all know I love brands who do this!

The brand was created by Aderonke Enoabasi who is a blogger, philanthropist, content creator and so much more. She is proudly Nigerian and her brand is located in Lagos as well. As with Iconola I have been following Rhonke's page on my personal page for years, she was also one of the first people I followed on the Shady Aunty Kelechi IG. When I saw her brand I fell in love and started following them. I always want to grab something but by the time I started shopping via IG with brands in Nigeria I had missed out on so many dope looks.

A few months ago they were having a sale and I told myself that I WOULD NOT miss out on the goodies. I grabbed three dope pieces from them. A set (seen above), a puff sleeve top( pictured below) and a dope jumpsuit (I haven't photographed in yet). All of the pieces were made perfectly for me! Now I will say that because of the sale I caught I basically preordered pieces and had to wait (which was not a problem for me) from the time I ordered to the time I received my items in about 25 days (Corona also slightly affected that)

In order to grab your head over t their Instagram page @Rhonkefellacollections and slide on in to their DMs. Pieces sell out quickly so don't be shocked if something you want is sold out. They only respond Mon-Sat 10am-6pm Nigerian time so also take that into consideration. They will respond to you upon opening if you message outside of that time window.


This last brand has a special place in my heart. The are a smaller brand compared to the first two but sis is a fighter. She is not only the designer but sis also models her pieces. I am wowed because that shows her drive and motivation.

I first heard of her via Adetoke the owner of SGTC clothing. She showcased some of her pictures via her IG story and I instantly fell in love. This brand is located in Enugu, Nigeria which is in the western Region of Nigeria. She is a ready to wear brand but something a bit different is that she takes Ankara and matches them with High fashion couture looks as well as some everyday wear.

I honestly went shop crazy when I went to her page. I grabbed four looks and one of those looks was a couples look so I actually grabbed 6 items from her store. The original fabrics I wanted for a few pieces were sold out so she sent me the samples of what was available. I choose the fabrics, sent my size based on her size chart and we were in there. It took about 20 days from the time I ordered to the time they were delivered to my front door. I grabbed this two piece set (seen on the right), a black and white tunic set for me and bae (Seen below), a green gown for my new save the date photos ( seen below), and a dope three piece that I got to shoot with a new photographer.

Like all this looks are giving me life! If you want to grab one of these pieces or something else you see on her page go ahead and head over to @Ibe.tribal and slide in her inbox. Let her know that Aunty Kelechi sent you.

I was so excited to share these brands with you all and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. Shopping with them was easy but with most things I had to remember I would not be getting my items in three days, and guess what? Thats ok. Corona has taught me patience, how to plan shoots better and waiting for pieces is included in all of that. As always if you grab something from any of these brands tag me and let me see that slay!!

Now before we head out please take care of yourselves, wash your hands, wear your masks, love on those you love because this world is not how we think it. Lastly but not any less important please continue to fight for social justice no matter where in the world you are.

Love Always

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