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Meet Aunty Kelechi

Hello Guys, so I know its been a while I honestly took a break but I am back. I have a few new followers on all my platforms and I realized that many of you don't know me, or what I represent, or even what my blog is meant to provide. That got me to thinking that I needed to introduce myself to you all! So here it is, Meet me, Meet Aunty Kelechi, your Shady Aunty with the looks, the shade, the pettiness, the skin care and all the #BlackGirlMagic you need!

About Me

Who am I ? Well my name is Kelechi S. Okoro, I am originally from Oakland California, by way of Nigeria. Both my parents are Nigerian, my father is Igbo (from Imo State), and my mom is Kalabari (an Ijwa Tribe located in River's State). I am a graduate of the Illustrious North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University, the number one Public Historically Black College or University in the United States (🗣 AGGIE PRIDE!!). This is important because my journey at an HBCU brought me so many things that lead to who I am as a woman. that journey also influenced this Blog.

Besides being Shady Aunty Kelechi, I am also a mom to a now seven year old YouTuber (Reading with Darrion T check him out), as well as the soon to be wife to one of the most beautiful chocolate men this world has ever seen! Ooh and guess what? I met him while at Aggie land, I also made my son there too but we won't get into that lol. North Carolina A&T solidified my pride in being black, my pride in being African, my pride in understanding that its ok to embody all of that! It built my ability in walking into a room and owning it!

What Lead to Shady Aunty Kelechi

I started off on Youtube making videos using the fact that I am Nigerian to make people laugh (Check out my first video ---> Shady Aunty Kelechi) My friends always said that the way I switch accents was hilarious and they would ask me to teach them. I channeled that into my video and that video blew!

Where did the Name come from? My name grew from making jokes with my friends about how those African Aunties always throw the best shade but always have the funniest comebacks and the best outfits. A couple of them said that described me perfectly lol and boom the name Shady Aunty Kelechi.

I then took a break from Youtube to focus on my son's page as well as building a following on instagram in order to bring more subscribers to my youtube channel. While doing that I headed to Atlanta to play Carnival for the second time with my friend Tracey Lyons aka American Wines Matter (Check her out on IG). After Atlanta Carnival I scheduled a shoot with a local Atlanta photographer IamPriiincesss (this meeting changed my life) in order to get some professional photos to build content for my page. I had a dope shoot with her and that lead to us talking. She asked me if I had a blog and that struck the match which lit the fire and desire. After I left the shoot I decided that I would in fact start a blog. That was Memorial Day weekend 2019, I didn't launch my blog until July.

Purpose of the Blog

I launched the Blog, and my first post was about my favorite jumpsuits of the summer, if you don't know I LOVE ME A NICE JUMPSUIT. I started off wanting to do Ankara and African designers. I was blessed with a mom who pushed me to love, and understand the beauty of where I come from. That love I wanted to showcase and big to light. She is also the one that pushed me to love my skin that is key to me loving me! I wanted to be the dark skinned blogger show casing African Beauty.

As I grew as a writer and getting the opportunity (Thank you Priiincesss) to guest blog I realized that I wanted to expand my original vision. I knew that I wanted this brand to use all social media platforms to support, endorse, and showcase small owned businesses with a heavy concentration on Black Owned Brands. I want to destroy the stereotypes about black owned brands, and bring them to the forefront. Showing that they have great customer service, quality products, and awesome CEOs behind those brands. I wanted to do all this in a comedic way.

I also want to be a voice for the Black female consumer. I am a mom, a soldier, a woman, a wife, and if you forgot I am black. I want to be the voice that helps our needs be heard. I think that as the largest consumers in the United States sometimes brands think they know what we want and need but they often are so wrong. They think throwing coconut oil, shea butter, a "tribal" print on things and think yeah black women will buy it up! They couldn't be more wrong, we aren't a monolith and guess what? Thats ok too! I want to be able to address that while uplifting black brands, and women who aren't the IG model shape.

Mission Statement

The Shady Aunty Kelechi Brand is here to be the friend you found on social media. The friend that you trust with advice for anything Fashion, Hair care, skin care, and sometimes more. The friend that motivates and supports you through the good times and bad, the one that celebrates you during your successes. The one that motivates you when you are down. The friend that reminds you how beautiful you are despite what the world says. Black Girl appreciation is something that the world needs, something that every little black girl needs. I want to be the platform for you to go to and get your fill of it. I want you to feel beautiful in the skin and size you are in.

I hope this answers some of your questions, I hope this helps you when you are deciding whether or not to follow me, share my posts, or even like a picture on IG. I look forward to growing with you all. I also want to take the time to say thank you to those of you who have been supporting from day one! I really appreciate you guys and your love doesn't go over looked! It means the world to me!

oooh and yes, the Gif you have been seeing, yep that's me!!

Look forward to more time with you guys and giving you guys more content!

Love Aunty Kelechi!

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