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Motherhood: How I Styled My PersonallyShe Tee

Hey guys I am back!!!. Its been a while and funny enough coming back with this post seems quite appropriate. The past few weeks I have been in a bit of Mommy crisis mode and trying to ensure I do whats right for everyone ESPECIALLY my little one. Normally for these I just post the pics and tell you how I styled the pieces. This time I wanted to do something different and share my mommy story. I am not a mommy blogger but I am a blogger who is a mom.

This shirt is literally says it all " Motherhood, The Toughest Hood there is"!

My MotherHood Story:

In 2010 before my 20th birthday I was told I wouldn't be a mother. In fact I was told that if i did conceive it would be extremely hard. Well 2 years later despite just knowing that I had the stomach flu, I was told I was going to be a mother. June 25th 2013 changed my whole world changed and I got a new title, Mommy. That was the best day of my life to date. That as the day I entered into the special beautiful group of women called MOTHERS.

My little one is my Why. These last 6 years have really tested my strength and my ability as well as my patience. I have had some rough days and some great days. Every mother that has a vested interest in their child's life has stories for days. We aren't perfect and this isnt always easy but I love it.

I am setting an example for a young black man in America. I want him to know that being a parent isn't easy but its also the best job and hey why not do it fashionably. I can't wait to be a mother again!

Grab yours from PersonallyShe

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