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My Favorite things (Black Girl Magic Companies)

As our Hot Girl Summer comes to an end, I want to recap a couple of companies that truly reflect Black Girl Magic in this first segment of My Favorite Things (yeah I know giving you Oprah Vibes)....

August was "National Black Business Month" and I made it a goal to try and solely use as many black owned products as possible and let me tell you guys something...... Many of these companies are owned by black women. This summer has honestly been filled with black women winning and I am loving it. Two weeks a go I said i was going to give myself a Black Girl Magic Weekend, meaning that I would try to ensure that at least 85% of my weekend be filled with things owned by black woman. My Love wanted to spend the weekend in Atlanta (The Black Hollywood) so it all aligned perfectly.

First things first you know I couldn't go out of town without my hair done. I am currently back on my natural hair journey and let me tell you it is not easy. I have what I call 4z hair, meaning i am on the far right part of the 4C spectrum. My curls are super tight any loctician's dream! Yet I am not ready for Locs and thats ok. With that being said I need products that will ensure my hair will be soft, easy to manage, and help with its growth.

About a few weeks prior, I purchased the hair wash day products from Natural-All (not pictured is the deep conditioner (Damaged Hair Solution) ) . NaturAll is a black owned company created by Muhga Eltigani. The company's mission is to create products with integrity, while fostering and uplifting the Kinky/Coily global community. This is a natural line for natural women. I won't lie I was a bit skeptical, like i said before my hair is extremely kinky. A lot of products don't always work on my hair, or I have to use a lot in order to get results. Yet I am always willing to try something new in order to give my hair life.

The Routine

I prepooed my hair with the deep conditioner for about 2 hours, I then washed my hair with the cleansing Avocado shampoo. I then used the Hydrating Conditioner and let it sit in my hair while I showered, that was about 10 min. After a quick towel, I used another leave in conditioner and the Jamaican Castor Oil Growth Serum . I put some two strand twists in my hair and headed to my stylist. I still didn't think anything of the products until my stylist who by the ways is also a Melinated Queen, got her hands into my hair. She raved about how soft my hair was, and my braid down for the first time in a while was super easy. To my 4z sisters this product gets 5 crowns.

The Style

So lets dive into this hair style and my stylist. I am the queen of bobs and I love me a neat one. I normally get a side part but my stylist convinced me to try something new. so we went for a center part. Everything about this style was from a black woman, the inspiration picture I sent her, the weave, and of course the Queen who did the hair.

I currently live in the Savannah/Richmond Hill area in Georgia. I found Akyra on facebook in a hair group about a year ago. I needed my hair done at the last minute and she was available. She was sweet and accommodating and ever since then she has worked with my hectic schedule and always squeezed a sister in to get a crown maintained. She pushes for healthy hair whether relaxed or natural and is just a sweet all around person. If you are ever in this area and need your hair done, hit her up. With that said lets jump back into this hair. As i previously stated I am transitioning my hair and needed a protective style. We decided to so a quick weave which would give me the protection but would be an easy take down (I mess with my hair A LOT!!).

We used a mixture of 12/14 in Cambodian Slight Wave from DHAIR Boutique (I have been using hair from this company since 2016, they as well are Owned by a black queen. This hair always is soft, never smells and is delivered quickly. I remember having an issue with delivery and reaching out and immediately D'Andrea Harris the CEO was on the phone helping me out.) She glued the hair to a cap, cut and styled my hair and ya girl was in there. I was ready to hit the road to the A and slay lol.

The Look

I couldn't go to Atlanta without hitting up one of my favorite photographers Priiincesss (Look out for my its a photoshoot piece with her). So I booked my appointment and was ready to shoot. I can beat my face to da gawds but I wanted some one else to.

I also follow Priiincesss's Blog and she talks about local make up Artists that she works with. I saw Shani aka perfectyourbeat and booked the PYB Diva. My GPS failed me and got me to my appointment about 10 min late, but Shani was awesome. She was understanding and she worked with my timeline. I told her I wanted a versatile look that I could use for multiple outfits but also go out to eat after my shoot was complete. Shani did NOT disappoint! In fact she went beyond my expectations and let me tell you that face lasted all day in that ATL heat and that is not an easy feat. My brows were on fleek and that highlight was glowing! My full face was $75 and worth every penny.

My Style.

I couldn't have a Black Girl Magic Shoot without clothes from Black women owned Companies. I ordered a few pieces that I knew i could style quickly and in multiple ways. I grabbed a couple of Graphic tees from two of my new favorite companies. Personally She and Dual Citizen Co. are two companies that you should be watching because they are about to blow. the tops were easy to style and fit my curves as a woman.

Personally She

Personally She is dope graphic tee company owned by Twana. Her shirts truly describe me; bougie, dope, educated & petty, Black girl with hood tendencies, a tough mother, who loves God, but isn't ashamed to let Cash Money Records take over. These two shirts are a great representation of who I am right now in my journey. They fir perfectly and were so soft, i hate a n itchy Tee. Twana was easy to work with and kept me abreast of the movement of the products. I can't wait to get more items and watch her company explode!!

Dual Citizen Co.

Dual Citizen is a company I stumbled across while on Dunnie O's page. They had the Jollof, Hennessy, and Afrobeats shirt I knew I just had to have. Their mission for their company is to transform culture into wardrobe statement pieces. Confidently showcasing the beauty of Africans and people of African ancestry across the globe. I grabbed three shirts from them worried they wouldn't come in time I reached out. They were super responsive, and I got my shirts two days before I headed to Atlanta. They even followed up to ensure everything was in order.

Every piece I wore for this shoot came from a black woman, from my skirts to my Ankara Shorts. My hair to my makeup (Juvia's Place pallets were used to achieve my look). Black women are motivators, innovators and just plain out bosses. I am suer excited that I have this platform to share these women and their companies with you. Stay on the look out because this is just the beginning.

Keep winning Queens, heads up and crowns fixed.

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