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Selfie Series 6: Accessories from Black Owned Companies

Hey guys I hope your week has been going well guys. It has been a while since I dropped a selfie series episode, I know you guys have been waiting. I couldn't keep you waiting anymore so its time for a new one! I am here to share a few accessories from some black owned companies I discovered via Instagram!! Yall ready? Lets jump right in!

Momma Africa Earrings

While on my IG Stories I saw a post from @Caribbean_cowgirl showing these dope Africa shaped earrings she grabbed from a black owned company. Now I am not a big hoops girl, thanks to my mom (she told me on girls who are for the streets wear hoops 🤣) but these grabbed my eyes so I had to grab them.

These come from and I grabbed the 4cm Gold Momma Africa Earrings because they were small enough to fit my style but still make a bold statement. These earrings will cost you $15 prior to shipping and tax. She ships pretty fast, I got these about 4 days after I ordered them. Her system also updates you from the time its shipped, out for delivery, and delivered. I definitely saw somethings I liked and will defiantly be shopping again.

Malia Studs

While looking to do this post I made a post on my IG stories asking for Black Owned Jewelry Companies. One of my followers tagged @ShopSassyJonnes and told me they had some dope pieces. I headed over to the site and fell in love with these earrings. They are the Malia Peacock studs but these are now sold out. They do have the Malia Studs -Silver which is very cute as well.

These Earrings will cost you $38 prior to shipping and tax. Sassy Jones also offers After pay which splits the costs of items over a 4 payment period. The one thing I will say is that shipping took forever. I ordered on May 20th and I didn't receive my order until June 12th. It was packaged quite though and the earrings themselves are cute as well so worth the wait.

Graffiti Circles

I discovered the company I grabbed these cuties from via the same post I grabbed the Malia Studs. These come from TCB Jewelry (Too Cute To Be Boring), but unfortunately they are sold out. Sad I know but she has other dope pieces so head over to her site and look at the things she has (click here)

I grabbed these earrings for $8 prior to shipping and tax. They shipped pretty fast I got them in about 5-7 days after I made my purchase.


So I have actually had this Nigeria pendant for about a year now. I discovered the company that I purchased this from via Instagram off of another person's page. She was wearing the Africa Pendant that they carry but when I saw the Nigeria one I knew that it was for me. I recently grabbed the Nefertiti one because if you know me I love African Queens. I actually have her tattooed on my sleeve.

The JollofBeauty Shop is on Etsy and they carry several different African Nations. The necklaces will cost you $26 a piece prior to tax and shipping.

The Good Vibe Charm Bracelets

I have been following Stylish Eye Diva for a while and her bracelets have always grabbed my eye. When I decided to do this I knew that these would be part of the batch of items.

The Good Vibe Charm Bracelets come in 5pc, 10pc, or 15pc which will cost you either $35, $55, or $75 depending on how many pieces you grab. They currently offer After pay as a payment option. She hand makes these so you can only pre order and they will begin shipping within a certain date. They are beads placed on elastic bands with tassels. You can grab them in a variety of colors . I grabbed Green and Gold because these are my 2020 colors.

The HoneyBea Earrings

So about a year ago I started following a dope momtrepreneur whose melanin was so beautiful it caught my eye. I reached out to her about some jewelry and she helped me with many of the pieces you see.

The Honey Bea Hive is her company and I grabbed these two earrings from her. All of her items are hand made and sis produces quickly. She is great at communicating any delays. The first is Statement Tassel Earrings in Yellow these will cost you $15 prior to tax. They can dress up any outfit. The next are Ankara Print Earrings now y'all know I love ERRRRTHANG Ankara so you know these little cuties got my heart. These start off at $8 prior to shipping and tax.

Glittery Studs

A few months ago I realized that a young lady I went to basic training with was making jewelry. It wasn't until she posted a picture of custom studs that grabbed my eye (for my hubby and dad or the wedding). I reached out to her for those and saw the large galore of items she had and I fell in love with these earrings. I love a good stud and gold is my color!!

I grabbed these for $10 prior to shipping, but these are no longer available. All of her pieces are handmade and she is very quick in production and shipping. You can grab some similar to these called the Canary Studs and they have several different colors. I can't wait to share the pieces I grabbed for my wedding in November.

I truly enjoyed grabbing all these pieces. I can't wait till Coro Coro goes away so that I can wear these pieces to different functions. All of these can dress up any outfit, cause we all know accessories can make or break a look.

As always remember if you grab something tag me so I can see your slay. Please stay safe, take care of your mental and love those who love you!

Love Your Aunty Kelechi!

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