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Selfie Series: 8 Headwrap Companies

Happy Juneteenth guys, I delayed this post intentionally to celebrate our beautiful dope queens on the day of freedom! A quick history of why this day is important to black people in America ESPECIALLY in this time. Juneteenth is the oldest nationally celebrated commemoration of the ending of slavery in the United States. It was on June 19, 1865 that the Union soldiers, led by Major General Gordon Granger, landed at Galveston, Texas with the news that the war had ended. They also announced that all those who were enslaved were now free. Now mind you this was two and a half years after President Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation was signed and became official January 1, 1863.

So today we about to be Blackity Black Black in celebration today and shoutout some dope queens who are selling some dope headwrap pieces.

Fanny's House Collection

You guys saw this pattern in the update of the masks. This is the Benin Wrap from the mask and wrap set. This comes from Fanny's House collection a Congolese woman spreading beauty and African fashion. This head wrap set is actually currently on sale and you can grab one for $24 prior to shipping costs.

Aya Donna

Aya Donna is a repeat as well, the brand was created by Adiellah “Adi” Bates. Using predominantly African fabric, the Aya Donna product line currently includes clothing, jewelry, bags, flower pins, and other accessories. These Masks and head wrap sets can be found here. They will run you $27 a piece prior to shipping costs. Only the Yellow print is currently available, but she has many awesome prints available.


Jobim is another company I have purchased from before as well. head over to the mask post and see what I grabbed from them. Jobim was created by my igbo sister Chanda Okafor out of Texas. Their mission is to provide you easy and convenient access to high quality ankara print fabrics and accessories.

This is the Rhobbie Headwrap it showcases vibrant colors on the outside while the inside is lined with high quality satin material that is extremely gentle on your hair. It is approximately 76″ by 20″, it will cost you $25 dollars prior to shipping costs. Unfortunately it is currently sold out, but she has many great other options.

Isoken Enofe

This is the Amara Headwrap I grabbed the this head wrap from Isoken Enofe a brand created by Make Up Artist @glambyisoken. The purchase of this head wrap is actually what has made me state I will be a long time customer. I actually had a delay with this order, but they insured that they kept me updated and ensured they let me know what was going on. This wrap will cost you $20 prior to shipping costs and it measures at 72 inches by 18.

Unique African Boutique

This my hubby grabbed for me as part of the dress I wore on the night he proposed to me. The Dress and head wrap we grabbed for $95 at the Unique African Boutique in Miami. Its simple but the colors make it pop. The owner is a sweet older lady and has many great prints to choose from.

Shop Fe-line

I grabbed this cutie from a company I discovered via Instagram and @CaribbeanCowgirl. Its Shop Fe-Line, they are a #BlackWomanOwned company that sells head wraps and many other accessories. This print is currently unavailable but the Voni Headwrap is a close print and will cost you $21 prior to shipping costs.


I grabbed this Kente Print Headwrap from Nolafrique owned by a #Blackwomantraveler. This head wrap will cost you $14 prior to shipping costs. The fabric is very authentic and the shipping was fast. I love the length which gives me the flexibility to tie it different ways.

Afro Fusion Apparel

I got the Oyin head wrap with another purchase from Afro Fusion. Afro Fusion Apparel was birthed to cater to the women that want to be able to wear African Prints Clothing casually, to work and to college. Unfortunately this is currently sold out but she has many other options available for purchase.

All of these wraps are beautiful and comfortable to wear. I enjoyed doing this cause your girl didn't have to do her hair lol. Go ahead and grab yourself one and remember tag me and show me how you styled yours!! Enjoy your day and let that melanin shine!

love Aunty Kelechi

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