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Selfie Series Episode 1: Ankara Print

Its your favorite Aunty back at it again!! It's been a while since my last post and it that time frame the world has gone crazy. Outside is closed due to Corona, many are now in roles that they were not in before. It's wild out here and some many things have changed especially how a blogger handles business. Social Distancing has bloggers and photographers changing how we do business. So I decided to start my selfie series. These are cute selfies, showing off different outfits from different Black Owned Companies.

The first installation of this series will be of course my favorite thing in the fashion world! Ankara!! I am going to show off some great pieces I have purchased as well as links for how you can get them.


I got this cute Ankara Polo top from one of my favorite companies!! Mae Otti ! Many of you may remember them from the Green Jumpsuit that I wore last summer. Mae Ottis is an Atlanta based company who normally does Pop Up Shops all across the states.

I purchased this top during the summer upon its original release. This top is now sold out but she has many other options to choose from.

I went a size up so the top is an Extra Large. it fits well but hugs these huge arms of mine. That is just something that I have found that I will have to mitigate myself. All in all it is a well made top and I hope she releases some more this upcoming season (Coro Coro please come and be going I beg!!)


This is piece is actually a blazer is from Laviye I purchased in the summer as well. It is part of a set it comes with pants. This is currently on sale on her site (click the link above). The blazer is a US16/UK20 and it comes with a belt to which you can use to fasten the blouse. The arm fit was perfect but I did I have to move the button due to my personal preference on how I wanted the blazer to fit. If you are ok with more cleavage or you plan to wear a blouse or camisole inside then I don't think you will need to make any adjustments to the blazer. This is a great Spring/Summer piece, I can't wait till Coro goes away!!

SGTC by Detoke

This cute pin top is from a Lagos, Nigeria based company called SGTC. I found this company via Instagram back in October and I am glad (SGTC review will be posted soon). The specialize in mixing Ankara Prints. I purchased this piece in February while they were having a dope sale. This top is part of a set with a cute skirt but I couldn't fit the whole outfit in my selfie. This beautiful Pink is perfect for a great brunch with the girls and can be paired with some dope White pants!! Man corona is messing with my fashion game.

In regards to SGTC I will say with their pieces you can mix and match and get your money's worth! I don't know if this exact print is still available but hit them up on IG and tell them I sent you. Even if they don't have this same print they will always try and accommodate. This is a US 16/UK 20 and fits perfectly on my big arms but sits well on my waist and shoulders. Its a great purchase.


This button up is from a company that I have been a fan of for over 5 years now. They are known for their Sweatshirts with the three Africa maps on them. They also carry home decor, clothing, and greeting cards (Review coming soon).

I purchased the ibidun Button Up a few weeks ago with a couple other items that I will share with you guys. Its a beautifully bright, Ankara button up that includes hand made wooden Africa buttons. shirt is unisex but its beautifully on my body. The details for this shirt are just gorgeous. The Fabric choice makes it a Spring/Summer piece. It also has some custom buttons that are just amazing. This current print is sold out (I think I bought the last one lol) but there is still another beautiful print left (I ordered that one too lol) on the LLULO site. I am wearing a large (God was heavy handed when he was creating my upper portion lol) and a Medium should work well for most.


M.Y.N.Y or Mimmy Yeboh is a company that is technically based out of New York but also functions in Ghana. I learned of this company back in 2014. I purchased some items and I have been hooked. Many of you may know of this company due to the hashtag #trainbae where there was a beautiful girl in a evening gown on the train in New York. Yes that was Mimmy's work.

This piece I have on is actually a dress that was custom made to fit me. I made this purchase over the holidays during a dope sale. Something that I want to praise the owner for is her customer service. I made my purchase during the Holidays but I was also moving in the midst of the holiday season. I reached out to them and let them know. I gave them my forwarding address and the delivery of my beautiful dress was seamless.

This dress is still available via the Mimmy Yeboah site. This piece is called Adinkra and is described as a Super 90’s body fitting mini with a dash of flare. Now it is one of the most expensive pieces in this series BUT LET ME MAKE IT CLEAR, the work is worth it!!! Plus it is custom made to properly fit you, so just take that into consideration. She also does sales often so stay watching her IG like I do and grab a great piece.

AfriKayala Via Shop All Things Ankara Marketplace

Afrikaya is a company based out of Lagos, Nigeria, they have paired up with All things Ankara in their new endeavor called the ATA Market place. It helps brings together consumers from all over the world with designers all over the world. This market place focuses more so on Ankara or other African print designs.The site also offers the ability to utilize AfterPay which breaks the cost into 4 to 6 weeks of payments without a credit check requirement.

I purchased the The Carina Set back in December and it arrived pretty quickly despite it being the holidays. This top is part of a set with a mini skirt but the top can be worn with other pieces. This piece can honestly be worn in all seasons and it vibrant blue is just so beautiful. I also love the mixture of prints in this piece. It comes in three different colors which are all beautiful options. I purchased this in a US16/UK20. the puff sleeve allows room for my arms but lays well on my waist.


The last piece is a crop top I purchased from Grass-Field over a year ago during one of their awesome sells. Grass-Field is an English based company that I have been shopping with since 2014 and they have always been good to me and providing great customer service even while I was deployed.

I purchased this in the largest size possible it was a US14 I believe. It is tight on my arms but its not to the point I can't take it off. The top can be paired with some high waisted pants for the spring, some cute jeans to dress it down for the summer. It is also a great piece that you can layer on and wear in the fall.

This exact top is sold out but there are many options on the site and they always have crop top options throughout the year. Also if you follow Grass-Fields they are currently having a sale and the shipping is honestly really quick (I think being on the east coast helps).

Well all I hope you all enjoyed this and look forward to many more to come. As always remember to support one of the companies and when you do tag me so I can see how you stayed the look.

Also please remain safe, wash your hands, and stay home if possible. Hopefully things will begin to settle soon and we can all be out fellowshipping physically with each other.

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