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Selfie Series Episode 2: Graphic Tees

Hey guys happy Monday! I hope this Monday is going well so far and you are already doing something great for you.

I hope you guys are as excited as I am for this second installment of the Selfie Series! I truly enjoyed working on this one. I love a dope graphic tee with some jeans in the summer and in the fall I throw on a duster or cardigan. I also love throwing on a hat and its a cute date or brunch outfit. These are some new Graphic Tees I grabbed in the last few weeks and two throwbacks that I had to redo!


So I grabbed two tees from this company! Social tea is a social networking group for women. Their vision statement is one that any one would love, win with us!

The company's creator is Olori, a Nigerian Trini (What a mix, as in Fire cracker lol) life coach located in Texas. Who is passionate about helping Women find their Why! I stumbled upon Olori's IG via the Discovey page. She was wearing this dope suit and I was like "ooh I need to follow sis" upon following her, her posts just seemed to speak to me and I was hooked. She posted about social tea and I started following them as well.

The first shirt I grabbed was the Mental Health is Everyone's Responsibility which is a unisex shirt. As some of you know I shared my mental health journey (click here to read) in a previous blog post. This shirt called out to me because in our community we are just now really speaking up about the mental health issues and I am glad and this shirt encourages the continued sharing. Its words could not be anymore true!

The second shirt I grabbed from them was this dope one right here. Its message is Black Women are Magic and like the last shirt the message couldn't be anymore true.

This is one of their new arrivals and there are a few more other tops on their site. The shipping was pretty quick. I ordered on a Friday and I received it about 3 days later. Both of the Tee's were 20 bucks and worth it.


#CoolAssBlackWoman is a platform created by long time entrepreneur Ashley N. Glaspie. She knew that in order to grow a brand she needed to connect with women in all walks of life that looked like her and had vision, but most importantly were positive. From this desire the company was born.

I stumbled upon this page yet again via IG and I guess Instagram knows I am a cool ass black woman! When I saw this I knew I just had to purchase it. I love Burgundy on my skin and I knew this was the shirt for me. I received my order with 3 days of my purchase. I am was super lit because I didn't think it would come so fast. I am all for the #coolassblackwoman movement.

Legendary Rootz

This shirt is actually a throwback. I grabbed it last year and its one of the first non Ankara based photos I posted. Legendary Rootz is a lifestyle brand for Black Women to authentically express themselves through powerful, statement-driven apparel.

Black Girls are the purest form of art is a shirt that as a little dark skinned girl would have been something I would have loved to read. I learned to love the skin I am in much older. Yet I am loving this dynamic of teaching black girls at an early age so that they aren't grown women hating themselves.

A Very Black Activity

A VERY BLACK ACTIVITY, considers themselves a movement designed to present unique and memorable moments (always with a VERY BLACK theme). A VERY BLACK ACTIVITY is a celebration of black culture, It’s about creating self-love and self-awareness in the black community. This is an experience that reminds us to revel in all the accomplishments of black people, and all things black! It is ok for us to be proud and proudly black.

Just like the other companies I found AVBA via social media to be exact via IG. I was scrolling though my feed and I saw a hat actually that said A Very Black Dad(currently out of stock), I wanted to get that for my ex for Father's Day. Yet I procrastinated and decided to grab it later. Yet the page stuck with me , I followed and when they had a recent sale I grabbed this new red shirt. I grabbed the New Jack City Boss Tee and I am very pleased. It is a long sleeve shirt with is cool enough

for spring but thick enough to wear underwear something (depending on where you live) during the winter. The shirt shipped pretty fast and I grabbed a medium. As a n blogger building my brand as a boss this shirt perfectly fits my narrative.

Just Kut It Kreations

This one is also a throwback piece to when Aunty Kelechi first hit the IG scene last year. I saw it on one of my instagram friend's and I asked her where she got the shirt. She told me it was made by her sorority sister and she directed me to the the ig page @justkutitkreations. I reached out to her via her DM and placed my order.

This shirt is my whole checklist, I am black, I have a full sleeve and some other tattoos, I have a degree and blessed to be employed I the same career for 11 years now.

When you order please remember that she is a small company and the sole creator so the processing and shipping took a little longer than the others but she kept me abreast through out the whole process from the time I ordered to the time it was shipped to me. I purchased a unisex shirt in a medium.

She From

She from is a sister company to, Mess in a bottle. Mess in a bottle is clothing company created by Jamaican born, Kalilah Wright. She is a trained architect, who merged her love of fashion and architecture to peruse entrepreneurship — crafting cool MESSages on t-shirts.

I actually saw this shirt on Facebook while doing stuff for my upcoming wedding. I saw it and wanted to grab one for me and my fiancé to wear for a photoshoot I am planning for when he comes home from training. When I saw it I just knew it would be perfect. I ordered two custom ones with our hometowns (Well where he claims). They were very informational and even reached out to me to ensure everything was spelled correctly. I received the shirt in about 3-5 days upon ordering. I ordered two mediums because the shirts are Unisex.

As I posted this last picture it just hit me! All this companies just like last week are owned by black women! I a loving this! I am loving seeing the Black woman win and I hope to continue to be part of this movement in anyway I can as a black woman. If one of us wins we all win. I hope you enjoyed these shirts as much as I do. As always stay safe and wash your hands, and remember if you purchase one of these items tag me on IG or Facebook so I can see how you slayed it.

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