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Selfie Series Episode 3: It's A Crewneck

Its Monday and you guys know what time it is!! It is Selfie Series Monday and we are back at it again. Today we talking about 6 different crewneck sweaters from 5 black owned companies. Now I know what y'all are thinking..... it's Spring and aint no one tying to wear a crewneck but guess what? outside is going to be open soon and we will be taking flights and you need a good crewneck in the airport.

So lets dive right in to this weeks pieces. Last week we ended with a shirt from #CoolAssBlackWoman.

Well I also bought a sweatshirt from them as well. I honestly ordered this sweatshirt from them for this post and intended to wear the shirt later because I didn't think it would come fast enough. Yet I received my order within 3 days from when I ordered.

The sweatshirt normally runs for $35 dollars and is a super comfy fit. I ordered a medium and it fit perfectly over my heavy chest.

Dual Citizen Co.

If you have been following me for a while you have seen this crew before. I wore it in my Not So Ugly Sweater post and this sweater is not ugly at all. I am in love with the message and the fit. I have a medium in this sweater. It is currently unavailable for purchase.

Dual Citizen Co. was founded in Chicago, rooted in Nigeria, and rebirth in Ghana, was created to highlight Black culture; from both the Motherland and the Diaspora. Dual Citizen empowers Black people to embrace their roots, know their identity, and value their culture. Black people are the influencers of the world; lets forever celebrate our greatness.

I also purchased the Mood Forever Sweatshirt from them as well

The message for this Sweatshirt is that Africa has always been lit and is the move always. This sweatshirt is a unisex fit so I purchased a medium and it is a perfect fit. You can get it in this color or in red and it goes for about $35. Shipping is also pretty fast but remember its also based on your location and with the pandemic mail has been moving slow.

Hall Pass Shop

If you don't know well let me inform you I am a graduate of the Illustrious North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University located in Greensboro, North Carolin. My experience at the #1 Public HBCU has helped shaped me into the woman I am today.

Hall Pass Shop was founded by a fellow Aggie who graduated from A&T about a year before me. She had a vision and they have now expanded to included merchandise for other universities. Though I may not know Carmen personally I am super proud of her as a fellow Aggie.

I came across their page a few years ago and fell in love with their "Hall" Sweatshirts which allows you to place the hall that your major is housed in on a crewneck (I am patiently awaiting so I can order mine).

During Homecoming last year I ordered my fiancé an Aggie Bred crewneck (Yes he is an aggie as well lol) I reached out to them asking if I made the cut off to get it before homecoming. The customer service was great and they quickly answered all the questions I asked. We got it the morning before I was suppose to get on the road from Georgia and he loved it. I got him a medium and he is pretty muscular and it fit perfectly.

In December I got engaged and my honey was headed to Basic training in January for training and he wouldn't be back till June. I wanted to ensure we had Aggie gear for our engagement photos.

Again I reached out prior to placing my order and the same great service was provided.

I ordered the Aggie Strip Crew on a Monday I believe and had them in time for our shoot that Saturday. Due to some technical difficulties we ended up not using them for the shoot but plan to have another shoot when he returns and we will use them for that shoot. This Crew cost $45 dollars and I purchased it in a medium

All in all it was a great experience and I will be back and that's on 1891!


Keeping with the Aggie Pride movement, I grabbed this baby from HBCU Grad a few years ago. I got it in a medium and it is currently sold out. HBCU Grad is also founded by another Aggie Alum. They are an HBCU Apparel line geared towards using clothing as a vehicle that allows students, alumni, administrators and supporters of Historically Black Colleges and Universities showcase their allegiance, support, and pride in HBCUs.


You all know I love me some LLULO! LLULO is a fashion/lifestyle brand. They are a creative collective representing prolific design, lifestyle and cultural identity within the digital space and retail forum. It is meant to express and exude the strong essence of Africa and its People while serving as an exclusive presence to connect fashion and lifestyle consumers around the world with Ankara fabrics and other cultural influences.

I love LLULO especially because we share the same mission of showing that Ankara fabric is wearable in every way, shape, and form! I am proudly Nigerian so you know I had to cope the Nigerian Crewneck so I could proudly sing "Arise, O compatriots, Nigeria's call obey, To serve our Fatherland, With love and strength and faith..." lol

I grabbed this about three years ago and I also have gotten several item from them since (A couple of custom pieces as well). This is a medium and it will run you $60 but it is well worth it.

All these items I have truly had great customer service from the companies they come from. I love me a great crewneck and I hope this helps you expand your collection. As always, stay safe, wash your hands, and tag me so I can see how you slay your pieces.

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