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Selfie Series Episode 5: Ankara Face Masks (UPDATE)

Hey guys happy Monday!! Welcome back to the blog, and the selfie series. We are still dealing with Coro Coro so wearing masks are a must. Today I am going to share 14 Black owned companies that are selling dope Ankara masks. I am going to tell you how much, how they fit and if they have a filter option or not.

Here are a few masks that I purchased that come in Ankara print


You guys may remember this company because of the dope trench I got from them (check out the post). N'omose Couture is a small Black mom owned company out of Texas. They sell everything from bombers to gowns. In the past month they have produced almost 700 masks and donated the to essential workers throughout the US. When I saw this I knew I wanted to be part of this. There are two ways you too can support, you can donate via the GoFundMe or you can make a purchase via their website and they will match your purchase and donate it to the essential workers.

I purchased the blue African Print Face Mask with Filter Pocket. It is a handmade African print mask with pocket for a filter. It is made from 100% cotton breathable fabric. The mask will cost you 12.99 prior to shipping. They offer Afterpay for purchases of $35 and more. Even with the two layers it is extremely lightweight and breathable. It fits nicely on my ears and doesn't hurt like some others I have used. It is machine washable but it should be air dried. They also make kid sizes by special request.


FLAIR by Irony Ashi is a company out of Texas as well. F.L.A.I.R is known for great Ankara pieces as many of the other companies featured here. This mask is not found on their homesite but on their Etsy Shop. This is the Ankara reusable mask #2

This face mask is handmade they have a layer of 100% white cotton fabric included with the Ankara print and white elastic bands. The mask is approximately 10 inches wide and 6 inches top to bottom. The mask cost 15.99 before shipping and ships pretty quickly. It is a full bottom coverage mask. On me the mask covers my cheeks, nose, mouth and chin. The elastic is stretchy and isn't supper thick or thin and is a great fit.


Tribal by N is black mom owned company out of Texas as well. TribalByN is an affordable luxury ready to wear brand produced in Africa.  They carry pieces for all occasions from Brunch too Balls.

The African Print Mask is a random selection of print. This mask will cost you $14 prior to shipping. It is 100% cotton african wax with soft cotton jersey lining. Proceeds from the sales of masks will go towards helping the under privileged and purchasing PPE for doctors in Africa. This is also a fully bottom coverage mask with the small elastic bands. The mask comes with a complimentary 2.5 filter for the mask. This is a great purchase and they now offer kids masks for $10. Check them out. 


D’IYANU (dee-ya-nu) is a ready-to-wear bold print clothing line offering quality, trendy African inspired fashion at affordable prices. The owner is Addie Elabor launched the D’IYANU brand at the beginning of 2014.

When I made my purchases they were having a sale to buy two so I grabbed the Shaka Mask in Red Yellow Vines as well as the Blue Tan Diamonds one.

The Shaka mask offers protection for PM 2.5 particles in air pollution and other microscopic airborne contaminants. Each mask comes with a complementary filter. The mask will cost you 14.99 prior to shipping, and now if you purchase 3 you get 20% off. Like the others they are are full bottom mask and they now offer kids sizes. Also with every purchase they will donate one to essential workers as well.


Feesewcrafty also known as FSCWORKSHOP is a Black woman owned company out of Maryland. The owner is Felicia Thomas who has been branded as one of the leading African American women in the DIY industry.

This is the Bando Mask it is individually handcrafted from two layers of durable, breathable 100% cotton, With soft stretching cotton earloops for comfort. The mask is actually referable and both sides are beautiful. The mask will cost you $20 and shipping normally takes about 7 days after purchase. This mask is hand wash and air dry only.


Prigar and Kay is a small black women owned company out of Massachusetts . They are sisters originally from Ghana looking to spread the beauty of African print fabric. Their reusable face Masks are lined with felt Filter and 100% cotton.

I got the Green Shells Mask it is $10 and if you purchase 3 or more shipping will be free. This is a full bottom coverage mask as the others but the elastic doesn't go over your ears it goes over your head. this gives a snugger fit as well as security of the mask staying on. For care of the mask you handwash with mild detergent and cold water (never use warm or hot water on Ankara) or simply iron after each use.


Jobim was created by Chanda Okafor in 2017 out of her immense love for ankara fabrics. She believes that you can never go wrong with bold, beautiful, and colorful prints at any occasion.

I grabbed their Face Mask in number 6. The mask cost $11 prior to shipping. As with the others its a fully bottom face mask, yet this one ties on the head and neck. it allows you to adjust how tight it is on your head.


LavieByCk was founded by Cameroon born Claude Kamen. We know her for her great dresses o celebrities such as Porsha from Real Housewives of Atlanta or Janet Jackson.

When Claude saw there was a need for masks she jumped on producing masks for essential workers. She has donated over 500 masks to hospitals. I purchased the Sierra Leone Mask for my son and I. 100% of the proceeds will fund the production of free masks for medical personnel. Each mask costs $10 prior to shipping and though they say it takes time I received my items pretty quickly. they fir comfortably and my little one said it doesn't bother his ears. I will say that after 4 hours continuously my ear hurt a little bit but that was it.


Nola Afrique was created by a blogger who specializes in showing black women traveling the world. All of the items from her store come from vendors in African nations.

I grabbed their Dakar Print Mask which comes from Ghana. The mask will cost you $14 and it isn't a full bottom coverage on me. It definitely covers my nose and mouth but the mask doesn't fully cover my cheeks. The elastic is nice and comfortable on the ears.


Aya Donna is a Black woman owned company who specializes on making different items out of African Wax Print. These two masks came with Ankara head ties which I will be sharing soon. Yet both of these masks are sold out. She does still have face masks (Headband style) and these are $12 prior to shipping. These masks fit such and comfortable on the ear. She ma be restocking soon so head to her IG and become a email subscriber so you can be notified.


DuroShan is a Nigerian-Jamaican brand concerned with the needs of everything Black/African, Natural, and Pure. The masks are made of 100% ankara and have an inner pocket that allows you to add a filter. These masks are washable and reusable, hence, it's environmentally friendly.

We ordered the assorted colors set which comes with 6 masks. This will cost you $53 but you will have enough for family and to share if any are left. They are full bottom face masks that you can also get customized for your face.


All Things Ankara was founded by Nikki Billie Jean. She started All Things Ankara in 2012 after discovering that there wasn’t any site online and social media page dedicated only to ankara print fashion.

I purchased the White Black Yellow Red Hibiscus Topizo Flower Leaf Ankara African Print Face Mask. The masks are breathable, washable, and reusable with Filter Pocket. There are Two PM 2.5 Filters Included

Ships out in 7-10 days from purchase. This mask will cost you $22 prior to shipping costs.


UNIK Fad is a Black Woman Veteran owned company based out of Virginia. Their goal is to provide high quality handbags, bookbags, fanny packs, and so much more.

As with many companies they saw there was a need and they are helping tp fill it. I grabbed the India Face mask which will cost you $10 prior to shipping costs. The masks are homemade with a. black elastic band and 1/8 inch and lining. There is also a pocket that allows for you to insert a filter.


Mujo Six is a Black Man owned company out of Rhode Island. This company began in the summer of 2015 and is both an in-house clothing label and a market place for outside designers to sell their own African inspired clothing.

I grabbed the Daboba Reversible mask, it costs $13 prior to shipping costs. This Unisex mask is handmade with 100% cotton. The mask has pockets between its dual layers to allow insertion of more material.At this time patterns may be completely different from what is depicted on their site.


Menogu Designs

This mask comes from Menogu Designs, a Black woman owned company out of Los Angeles California. The owner Uchechi is someone I have made purchases from since 2013. This mask is currently out of stock but they have the Teal BG mask. You can grab this

Double-Layered Cotton mask with filter for $16 prior to shipping. This mask is made in the head band style and fits on the head and not the ears. it covers my nose and mouth but not my cheeks. It is light weight and easy to breathe.

Twists and Ties

Twists and Ties is a Black Veteran and Family owned company. This is currently an Instagram based company owned by Kevin and Kendra Lewis. This company offers you the ability to make custom masks for you and the whole family. They offer Ankara, Super Hero, sports team, as well as organization make. I grabbed two masks from them which fit wonderfully. These are ear based masks with white elastic. Adult masks cost $10 and child masks are $5. The production of the masks and shipping were pretty fast.

Twists and ties has also provided more than 150 masks to church and hospitals to support those who cannot afford to purchase masks. Their instagram handle is @twistsandties

T&T Fashions

T & T Fashions is currently an instagram based fashion company that makes custom women fashions. They make masks for the entire family. The masks are Ear style and they use the elastic that will match with the Ankara fabric of your choosing.

I grabbed three masks for $30 prior to shipping. The production of the masks are pretty quick and they keep you updated throughout the process. Shipping was pretty fast despite shipping delays due to COVID- 19. Their instagram handle is @tyntyfashions_tntfashions.

Fanny's House Collection

Fanny's House Collection is a Black Woman owned fashion company based out of Virginia. The owner Fanny is a Congolese (Democratic Republic of Congo) designer bringing different fashions to the world.

I grabbed the Benin Headwrap and Mask for $30 prior to shipping. It is an ear style mask, it is thick but breathable. Shipping was pretty quick and customer service was awesome. I also grabbed another print which is currently unavailable but should be back soon. For every mask purchased, they donate 1 to the medical field and first responders!

All of these masks fit really comfortably and I love the diversity of them. I can stay safe and still look cute. They are all washable and beautiful.

As always, stay safe, wash your hands, and remember if you grab one tag me. Also if you don't follow me go ahead and follow me on IG because soon I will be announcing some great giveaways.

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