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Selfie Series: Why I Buy Black!

Hey yall welcome back to the Blog. As always I hope you all are doing well and taking care of yourself and your loved ones. Today I wanted to switch up the selfie series again. I have been asked several times why my blog is dedicated solely to black companies and just being blackity black. Well I wanted to take the time to tell you all why.


Reason number one is because I am proudly black. I have always been raised to love myself and the skin I am in. This is a time where supporting our own community has to be more than a fad. As a black woman I feel it is my obligation to support my community. If I don't do it I can't expect any other demographic to!

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2. Changing the Narrative

Black owned companies get a bad rep as being rude, being scams, lacking time management capabilities and so much more. Yet on this platform I push companies who have shown to be he exact opposite. I take issue with us being able to easily forgive non-black companies but if a black owned companies misses a deadline then we want to raise hell. Is that fair? No! We have to get better at the following as consumers

  1. READ!! This means read their Shipping, Production (if items are hand made), and Processing times. Almost all companies have these policies on their site, it is also almost always repeated in the confirmation information they send out. If you cannot find it ASK!

  2. PATIENCE! We are patient with companies like fashion nova and others but we want to spazz out when black owned small businesses take longer than expected. Now please don't get me confused I am totally with you on when things are ridiculous. Yet I think we often don't communicate well especially when it comes to money.

  3. SUPPORT! Talk about the good experiences you have, be willing to give black owned companies a chance SIMPLY BECAUSE THEY ARE BLACK OWNED! I know you are like but girl that is my money, I got it I promise I do (I pay for most of these things you see me with on the site) but I am also always willing to give them a chance.

We are all we got!

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3. Building Our Community

Buying from a black company invests in our community! How you ask? Many of these companies have back employees, meaning our dollar is being used to pay them. As we build these companies they can grow and foster growth within their local communities which now creates cycles of generational wealth that our community didn't have the opportunity to build all these years. While others were building equity we were fighting for equality and stability. What I will say is that I challenge black business owners to also invest in community outreach programs, allow for our money to help in more ways than one.

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4. Representation

This is the most important reason ESPECIALLY in this time. I am a mother to a black boy, growing up in a world that he doesn't see many that look like him. Supporting black companies give our children representatives within the business world. We need a black Jeff Besos! We need just as many black teachers, doctors, lawyers, engineers, a we do business owners. We need to see ourselves as CEOs and CFOs because sadly that what they understand! My son's life matters and he needs as many great examples as possible in this world.

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I am Black and I believe in my community! Don't get me wrong there are companies out there that ruin it for the masses but there are so many ethically sound companies that we as a community can get behind. Find one and share! As you remind the world that you are black and they should get over it!

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We are Blackity Black over here and no one is changing that. As always when you grab one of these and slay it tag me. I can't wait to see you guys slaying. Stay safe and spread love and light!

Love Aunty Kelechi

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