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Shop With Me: Three Ghana Based Brands I have Shopped With

Welcome back guys!!! I am trying to give you guys more of what you want and open you up to different black owned brands around the world. I know that it may look like I only buy from Nigerian based brands but its not true, I just have so much to share I am giving it to you guys in small doses! I am so glad you guys get to share this shopping journey with me (Even though my hubs says I can't shop anymore for a while lol) I wanted to share some wonderful companies out of Ghana that I have purchased from this year (last year I grabbed a jumpsuit from a Ghana based brand True Ford).

La Mode Afrique

La Mode Afrique is a brand based out of Accra, Ghana that was founded in 2014. Their motto is "We create beautiful pieces with vibrant prints and bold patterns for the every day Queens."

They have so many beautiful and versatile pieces made with vibrant colors and beautiful patterns. They have many ready to wear pieces as well as they can create custom designs for any event as well. In order to grab your pieces head on over to

I grabbed a few pieces from their collections check out the pictures below. Please remember that these pieces are coming from Ghana so shipping takes a while. I also want you to think about distance because shipping is about $30(I believe this is a flat rate though).

All of this to include shipping was about $150(I also caught a sale which they are always offering a deal) which is great. The quality of the fabrics are top notch as well as the quality of the sewing!

The Dress Maker

The Dress maker is owned by a woman named Sackefiyo Robertson (Please forgive me if I missed part of your name). She is located in Accra, Ghana. As always I found her via IG, through one of those pages that posts dope Ankara looks. I started following her a year a go but finally placed my order this year.

Her pieces are made custom to you, so yes you can ge something you see on her page , but you must give your measurements. This is honestly how most African made to wear designs are, its not new to those who grew up having a tailor. She does tell you the measurements you will need. It took about 2 and a half weeks to get my items. I placed my order on the 6th of June and she sent me notification of shipping on the 24th of June. DHL took about 4-5 days to deliver the items.

I grabbed this yellow dress and a green dress as well. check them out!

I will say if you are looking for something you need in three days this isn't the company for you. Yet if you are looking for something that may take about 2-3 weeks but is made specifically for you then head over to her Instagram @aaley_a and slide in her DMs. Tell her Aunty Kelechi sent you.

Mimmy Yeboh

So let me start of by saying yes I know this picture on the left is a throwback! I mean it was taken in 2016, but I had to post it to show yall I have been rocking with my girl Mimmy for a while now! I saved her for last for this reason exactly. I actually started following Mimmy years ago backing 2015 before I wanted to be a blogger. This was when I was just loving buying my Ankara and looking cute on my own.

Yes I found Mimmy on IG as well! She is a designer that is actually colocated. She is in Ghana as well as New York, and y'all sis sews! Unlike some new designers her and all the other designers in this post Actually sew their products themselves. This is why it takes longer for you to get the products. Any way I found her on IG and we became IG friends. I remember when everyone was making a big deal of the young girl who wore Dashiki print to her prom and I was like umm y'all this isn't new. Yet what struck a nerve was when Tyra Banks went on National Television and said that what the young lady did had never been done before. To me that was a slap in the face to every West African Tailor to ever live ESPECIALLY the ones in America! Thats when I tagged Mimmy on Tyra's IG and was like sis you are LYING! Mimmy been doing this for years and with French lace (if you know anything about French lace, good quality French lace is heavy and delicate all at the same time! to get great silhouettes out of silk lace you have to be a genius with the sewing game! That Mimmy is!!)I think that is when I caught her attention (low key she woke up to being tagged by me and someone else call Tyra out lmao).

I have watched her grow and supported her from a distance. I was so hype about subway bae and the dope gown that was trending. I feel like she is my friend from a distance and I am loving watching her win! anyway I grabbed this yellow dress from her check it out. Yes I wore this in the selfie series as well.

Now Mimmy is a bit higher in price range than the other two and I actually caught this on a sale. Her product quality is A1! Her products also require measurements and though she makes these for multiple women no two dresses fit the two women the same. its you own special dress. That being said you aren't getting any of her piece in two days. They too are made to order.

Side Note: Bae also grabbed me a dress from her line that dropped this summer and I can't wait to wear that on one of our dates. If you want to grab one of her pieces head on over to

She also makes custom prom dresses and wedding gowns so definitely check her out!

I hope you love these three brands as much as I love them. As always please stay safe, take care of yourself and those you love. Wash your hands, wear a mask and remember silence in the state of injustice is support. I hope you guys check them out and please tag me so I can see the looks you grabbed.

Love Always,

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