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Sis Is Your V Slayed?: A review of VSlay's Boric Acid Suppositories

Hey guys welcome back to the blog! Its Wednesday and we are zooming in on a Black woman owned company and a product that I am currently using. Y'all ready to get a little intimate with me? Okay well let's dive in!

As I have mentioned in previous posts I sometimes have issues with my PH balance and even experienced Bacterial Vaginosis over the years. I got tired of steroids and other meds so when a fellow female friend vet started a company for our "V" I was interested. She reached out to me and I was down try this product. Anything that would make my cookie jar be at the top of her game I was down to try it.


V-slay was founded by Chrisshauna Coleman. As I have stated she is a U.S. NAVY Veteran, who has a passion for Women’s Wellness. She took that passion and her desire to create her own business and gave birth to her company, VSlay! 

Vslay also has a personal touch for her, when her doctors visits became too frequent. She seemed to share the same issue with me and the same complaint; Bacterial Vaginosis. After finding the Holy Grail in Boric Acid, Chrisshauna’s purpose is to supply women with THE ANSWER to chronic BV and yeast infections.


I seriously was tired of my own doctor's visits. I was sick of the steroids and the creams so when she told me about how these could get my pH balance back on track, I was game.

Their Suppositories are formulated with Medical Grade Boric Acid (USP/NF) packed inside a vegan capsule to provide you with the healthiest and most natural form of delivery so you can get back to being YOU!

They are best at combatting vaginal odors, yeast infections, and the occasional dryness associated with menopause and countless other causes of vaginal imbalance. the products are also produced in an FDA approved facility.

I started using these about 30 days ago and baby!! These mixed with my Honey Pot wash, well my V is as slayed as my face! As a woman you know when your body changes especially your PH when its off or leveled. since using these my PH is balanced! They are easy to use and no worries about everyone knowing what you purchased. They come in a discreet packaging wrapped up. Y'all these tare the truth, you have to try them. Your V will thank you as well as someone's son!

I hope you all love this product and company as much as I do! They are sold out but follow them on social media or join their mailing list so you can be the first to know when they are back in stock.

As always, take care of yourself, love others, wash your hands, and keep letting them know that the Killers of Breonna Taylor need to be arrested!


Aunty Kelechi

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