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Stripes and Floral

My three favorite outfits with this combination

This summer I picked up a piece from Omoge Creations via Zere Fashion House. It was their Wrap dress that can also be worn as a Kimono.

This dress is so comfortable and cute it struck a cord in me. I love to mix prints but i never though that mixing something such as Stripes and Floral would be so beautiful, yet here we are! Now I am in love with this combination and here are the pieces that I love.

The First one is of course the inspiration dress from Omoge Creations. This exact floral isnt available but there are other options for you to check out.

Now we have yet another Omoge creation piece that i got from Zere Fashion House. Now they didnt sell this on their site but the great people at Zere got the dress just for me. It is a simple Shirt Dress that can be worn more than one way.

This Dress is a must have in your closet. When I see it available again I will defiantly share with you all again.

Last but not least is my Fall look. Its a Long sleeve top i bought from Shein and the skirt I picked up from a vendor in Atlanta a few years ago.

This is a cute way to still wear a maxi Skirt in the Fall and be fashionable.

I hope you all enjoyed my looks and dont forget to tag me on your social media so i can see your take on these looks.

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