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The Not Ugly Sweater Sweater

Its that time of year again!!! For some its filled with cold air, snow, and sweet hot chocolate with a hint of peppermint, for others you only know its December because of the Christmas songs playing in the stores. December is my favorite month of the year. Why? maybe its because its my birth month, or because of Christmas, or because its the month that ends the year as we start a new beginning. Either way I love it! I also low-key hate the cold so finding really cute sweaters to wear are a must. Today I am sharing with you guys two of my favorite "not ugly sweaters" that you can wear to the office Christmas party or even on a chill holiday date.

Jolie Noire- Not So Ugly Christmas Sweater

The Not So Ugly Sweater

This little lovely I grabbed from a company named Jolie Noire. Jolie Noire is a Black owned company run by two sisters Keyondra and Kim Lockett. Jolie Noire stands for Pretty Black in French. As two black women they acknowledge that society primes black girls to see dark colors (specifically black) as negative or not pretty. Where as we praise and see light colors as beautiful and the standard.Their mission is to level the playing field. They are working to create a space that helps to shape the minds of onlookers, change the meaning, emotions, and values associated with black. "Color is something that doesn't come pre labeled, we label it... At Jolie Noire we choose to believe that black, like other colors, is beautiful!"- Jolie Noire

I grabbed this special edition Jolie Noire holiday sweatshirt, it is a warm and cozy heavyweight crew neck sweatshirt. I currently live in Georgia and though it isn't New York it gets a bit nippy, this "sweater" kept me warm, stylish, and feeling pretty during my time in downtown Savannah. It's comfortable and flattering on my body and made me feel pretty rocking a beautiful black woman as a beautiful black woman. Grab you one for $50

I paired it with a red tulle skirt I grabbed from amazon a few years ago and of course my current favorite Cheetah Print heels. This look would be great for a laid back party of a lovely date.

Dual Citizen- African Bad Gyal

I got this dope Sweatshirt from Dual Citizen Co. Dual Citizen is a T-shirt company created by Maria A. Ajao. Maria was born in Chicago, by way of Nigeria, and she considers herself reborn in Ghana. After visiting home she found herself, as she would say it was the best thing that could  happened to a black girl that really did not have an understanding of who she was and where she actually came from.  She created Dual Citizen as a way to remind Black people all over the world; Motherland and in the Diaspora that we are one and come from greatness.  Dual Citizen empowers people to embrace their roots, know their identity, and value their culture. All of her designs highlight and celebrate US and our dope BLACKNESS!

The African Bad Gyal sweatshirt. This Unisex Sweatshirt is close to my heart because it proudly displays the continent of Africa with her Kente head-tie. This Beige sweatshirt is super comfortable and the fit is perfect for my body. Its super warm and fits in the right places. Grab you one for $35

I paired this with a Cheetah print skirt I grabbed from amazon a few years ago as well. I grabbed my green Fedora and gave it a little different look.

Grab yours today

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