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Three Ways to Style Your Omoge Creations Organza Blouse

If you have been following my blog then you know that I love me some Zere Fashion House. It is a online store who brings several designers together which makes accessing these items easy for those living outside of Nigeria. Well one of my favorite designers that they carry is Omoge Creations. Omoge specializes in mixing Ankara or floral print with other prints and fabric. These pieces are must haves for your closet.

Recently I purchased an Organza Ankara blouse from them and this blouse has been everything. Here are three ways I styled the blouse.The Ankara is a Pink and Burgundy Mix which makes it easy to pair with solid bottom pieces.

Style 1:

I mixed the blouse with pants from theWanni Fuga line. these are the coal pants from the Beryl Set line which also can be purchased from Zere Fashion House

This can be worn to a brunch or just a work event. Its also great for the summer time because it totally allows for you breath and stay cool.

Style 2:

While in Greensboro to hang with a special guy I paired this blouse with a tulle skirt that I got from Space46 Boutique a few years ago.The skirt is super full and has a thick satin lining. I honestly got wedding vibes from this outfit (hmm future engagement photos??). This was cute chic flirty outfit for a lunch date.

Style 3:

Lastly I matched the top with a simple Burgundy skirt and my gold belt. This look to me was more business chic or when you are pretty and prayed up at church. I think the shoes were too much and I will probably redo this look at another shoot. I still love this look though and hope you guys love it too.

Which one was your favorite?? Also if you opt in to purchase tag me in your pictures so I can see how you paired it!!

Love ya favorite Shady Aunty

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