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Why I am a Brand Ambassador for a Christian Brand (Pretty and Prayed Up)

Hey my beauties happy Wednesday!! I am super excited to share today's blog with you guys( I think I am excited about all my blogs because every blog has a special place in my heart). Today we doing something different with Business minded. I have been asked about my faith and how can I as an African or black woman be a christian on several occasions. This question lead me to this post today.

Today we are talking about the Company Pretty and Prayed Up!

In this journey we call life I have travelled on many different roads. I have been abused, taken for granted, cheated on, bullied and so much more. I have gone through so many things that I honestly didn't think I could make it through. Many would say BUT WITH GOD at this point, but I would be lying to you if I said my faith was that strong. The reality is I have walked away from the church and Christianity a few times. I have dabbled in other beliefs and even nothing at all, yet I would say that the last 7 years my journey as a christian I have really grown.

I am not here to tell you what to believe but share who I am and what I believe. I know that in this day an age as a black woman who is socially conscious its not "cool" to believe in God let alone be a christian. Let's also add that I am a blogger trying to be an influencer and social media isn't kind. I always knew that if this was what I wanted to do I had to stay true to myself. In doing that I have to say this, Aunty Kelechi is a bonafide heathen who calls on the name of the Lord daily. Yes I am with sin and far from perfect but I know that no matter what Christ loves me and all I can do is strives to be a better me. In that I should love God's children (This is HARD) and remember it is not my place to judge anyone. I am to be a safe place for people looking. I will say in that belief I do my best to be open and accepting of everyone. This is why when I was approached last year to be a Brand Ambassador for Pretty and Prayed Up I said yes! Their mission is to remind women that you can be beautiful, and be a force in prayer. How could I not want to be part of such a wonderful village.

Pretty and Prayed Up Story

Pretty And Prayed Up is a Christian apparel company created by Shaurice(SHO) who is also an author and life coach. The brand is dedicated to women of faith who are committed to taking their relationship with GOD to the next level. The brand's mission is to help faith-filled women find their purpose, understand the Power of Prayer, and truly enjoy the journey in which God has placed on his daughters to become the best version of themselves.

In her journey she said that what lead her to create Pretty and Prayed up was that she had not seen a lot of women with the "Peter mentality". This was "A woman who was on fire for Jesus, loved him with all of her being, slice an ear off for Christ in a HOT second, all while still failing Jesus daily! Yet knowing that Christ loved her."

As well as creating a T-Shirt line she wanted to create a community of women who didn't have to choose between what a christian woman should look like and being who God made. A community of women who may not know all the scriptures, all the worship songs, or even know GOD at all. She wanted to be a safe space for women on all parts of their journey with God.

Why I Joined

Last year I saw the black version of the pretty and prayed up shirt on a blogger I admire and wrote for IamPriiincesss. I was like " That me in one sentence". I knew I would grab a shirt from them soon and couldn't wait to style it. Yet I think God had a plan and I was glad he did. In this time I was going through some personal things and honestly doubting in myself, in my blog, my youtube and everything I was trying to do last year. Then while scrolling on the Gram. I saw that they were looking for Ambassadors, just joking I said ME! Folks don't say stuff you don't mean, especially when you have been asking God for something. Funny enough they reached out to me and said that they were actually about to message me(look at God). We discussed somethings and the requirements.

What she didn't know was that at that time I honestly was about to just stop posting ANYTHING on social media and take a break. This put a fire back into my spirit and I was ready to start. I waited for the shipment and planned a shoot. That was the beginning of magic.

The last 9 months I have seen her just push as much positivity as possible. Especially in the midst of a global pandemic her posts of positivity and prayer have come in the right time.

There are two things I want to point out about them that has made me proud to continue this ride, first when they realized that they may not be able to offer everything that is normally on their site during the COVID-19 crisis they took those items off their site. I have seen so many companies keep things on their site that they know that they cannot still offer! Then when you become frustrated that you haven't received your products they then release a statement stating that due to COVID -19 there has been a delay in processing. No! Just temporarily take the things down and not take my money its that easy!! Sho ensured that the integrity of her company remained in tact when she made this move. Next when you look at her site or any of he social media platforms she has women of ALL shapes. Many site showcase a certain type of woman, and that's ok! Yet for me my money will continue to go to companies that show women that look like me and I am not "built like a supermodel" I am built like a fabulous goddess with all kinds of curves and I love it!


As you know they have shirts and actually just dropped their spring line of Shirts. These colors are EVERYTHING!!

They also carry a prayer Journal , mugs and tumblers (which are currently sold out)

If you subscribe they send out bible verses, prayer points, and I believe she offers an option for prayer requests. This partnership is something that I truly appreciate and value. I definitely will continue to work with them for as long as we both are doing this. Head over to Pretty and Prayed Up and check them out

As always guys, stay safe and wash your hands. As well as if you purchase tag me in your photo so I can see your slay!

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