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Why I shop with Zere Fashion House

So in 2014 while scrolling the discovery page of Instagram I came across this company's page. They were selling Iro and Buba's for the mordern woman. No longer were the days of our mother's Iro and buba. This caught my attention and I made a few purchases. I honestly went on a hiatus from shopping but in that time they seemed to not only expand their inventory, but they had grown!! Which I was honestly excited to see them spread their awesome mission!

Zere Fashion House is an online marketplace where Nigerian based Fashion designers can sell their items to customers outside of Nigeria. This allows for consumers to feel at ease with purchasing and for designers to be able to spread their reach outside of Nigeria. Zere is the creation of Peter and Tosin who share a passion for fashion!


Why I love Zere Fashion House

Now let me mention that Zere is located in the UK. I say this because it comes into play with a lot of things I am about to talk about. Its seems like every week there is something I see and honestly just want to give them all my money for. They honestly stay with the latest fashions from these designers and they ensure that they have things that affordable but the quality is everything!! This matters because we see a lot of companies that are affordable but the quality is trash, we also have seen companies just jack up prices on things for honestly NO REASON! Thats not happening with Zere they want everyone from the Student to the working woman to the stay at home mom to be able to afford these pieces and to feel beautiful. As a working mother who only gets to look extra cute on the weekends and holidays this is extremly important.


For a company al the way in the UK the shipping is extremely quick!! I have ordered on a friday and by Thursday (sometimes Wednesday) the following week items were at my door. This is regular shipping nothing extra nothing fancy. This is great as a blogger and a lot minute shopper, I honestly can plan not only my content but my trips around them knowing that I will have my items on time.

Customer Service

This is a big deal for me, if a company has horrible service they will NEVER get my buisness every again. I don't care how much i want the items they have! Zere always hits the mark, with this. They are punctual with their responses and are available to their customers on all their social media platforms. This is rare because we normally see companies say NO DMs and 48 to 72 hours for email response, yet on a business day i can reach them in an hours. That guys is bomb customer service!

What they carry

They have many designers, Wanni Fuga or Omoge creations even Lady Biba they carry so many items I promise you will not be disappointed. Below are the brands that I have purchased via Zere (Click on the picture and it will take you straight to the item)

Omoge Creations.. I have quiet a few items from this label and the quality is superb. I love their mixtures an of lace and Ankara or Stripes and floral!

Lady Biba.... This Suit, Well it speaks for its self!! It is EVERYTHING!! and you can use the pieces separately

Check them out, buy something, feel beautiful, post a picture and then tag me so I can see and share it as well.


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