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Is This the Same Wig sis?

I am new to this #WIGLIFE but now I am about to be true to this! To my friends that have been hip just know I am side eyeing you heaux lol!

Over the last seven years my hair journey has been filled with big chops, relaxers, transitions, naturalista and back to it again. To my natural queens don't judge me ya girl been doing her own thing probably why I am low-key bald headed now. Yet in the last year I have been transitioning back to by 4C texture and this time has been the most fun. Social media has allowed me to explore so much more than braids or crochet as protective styles. As I started with looking for different styles I was directed to

Natural texture wigs are not new to the hair scene but they haven't always been able to properly capture the beauty of 4c hair, especially not those of us with the tightest curls in the 4c spectrum. Finger Comber has achieved just that and I am here for it all sis!! "That Afro Lion looking ish" is in style and despite Lil man I mean Lil Duval's opinion on it, black women are reclaiming their textures and the companies that love them. A few months ago i purchased the Kinky Wave II unit, originally I was just in like with the wig but over time my feelings have changed. I originally did a youtube review detailing the things I loved about the wig. My favorites were the band, which those of us with special heads understand the importance of this, as well as the clips. Check the video out and hear all about it.

Now as time has gone by, I have worn it a few more times, as well as looked at some pictures from my shoot with Devron Bost , i have fallen head over heels in love with this wig. Being able to blend your hair and your weave is an emotional event. Finding wigs that give you this ability are a natural queen's must haves. As I looked through the pics a couple of my styles stuck out to me and I wanted to share with you.

The Center Part: As I mentioned earlier I am transitioning, what I might not have said is that I use to have a relaxed short look. I said that to help you understand that sis is still low-key bald with some relaxed strands lol. All that being said I parted my hair from ear to ear, placed the wig behind the part. I then parted my natural hair leave out down the center, being that my natural hair isn't that long I pulled some of hair from the back in order to blend and give the illusion of length. Babyyyy this is the look that I achieved and I am feeling it.

The Half Up/ Half Down: This style has been popping this entire summer and I wasn't about to leave myself out of the mix. This look was done for a lunch date with bae in downtown Savannah, Ga. As in the center part look I parted my hair from ear to ear, placed my hair in the itty bitty ponytail. I placed the wig behind my parting, took pieces from the wig to wrap around my small ponytail and made the messy bun on top of my head. Ooh and how could I forget that I style my little ahh edges lol!

The Pinned Side: For my shoot I wanted to give off the "she is a bad mama jamma" with a " Respect my Blackness" Vibe. I think this look Achieves just that. How I achieved this look; i place the wig fully on my head and left out some hair on the left side of my head. I used a small amount of edge control to gel it down and then I used bobby pins to pin my hair to the Wig. I honestly feel all the black girl magic oozing fro these pics I want to cry.

Aint No Edge Control BIHHHHH: Now I could lie about how I decided not to style my edges for this look but folks I have no need to lie. I live in coastal Georgia and this heat is hella disrespectful. In a rush I forgot my edge control and it was so hot I was like forget it, yet that was the best decision I made. Ooh I also placed the wig upside down, left out some of my hair and boom we got this. I will say what shocked me is that with these little choices this made it look like my natural hair and that is always a great day.

If this doesn't help you make a decision then aint nothing going to convince you hun. Yet if you want your own click this link and get your own and please tag me when you share i want to see your awesome looks.

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