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It's a Photoshoot: My Experience With Devron Bost

As a blogger professional photos are a need, at least at some point in your blogging career. As a black woman you need a photographer that knows how to properly capture your melanin without having you look orange, red, or even green. In my journey to getting the best photos, I would say that 95% of the time in order to have the best images(for our skin) you need a black photographer.

A few months ago I got to work with a great young black photographer who captured the sun inside of my melanin. Baby let me tell you these photos were the physical representation of the hashtags #melaninpoppin and #blackgirlsaremagical.

Devron Bost is a Photographer originally from Jacksonville, Florida who is currently in the Savannah area. He travels between Florida and Georgia capturing moments that you never want to forget. His schedule is super busy and I was lucky to be able to catch him on one of his free weekends. I scheduled our shoot with one Idea in mind, I wanted to do the photos in Forsyth Park. If you have ever been to Savannah, Georgia you know that this park is picturesque and honestly can give you the illusion of being in 7-8 different locations at one time. Yet outside of that requirement the rest was up to him, I honestly am not a difficult client.

As a creative myself I love working with other creatives, it like being in a brainstorming session that is accomplishing all at the same time. They see things that you don't see, and sometimes they get your vision perfectly without you having to specifically break it down barney style.

Devron is just that photographer, his mind is going about 500 times per second and he sees so much creativity in any space, its crazy and I love it.

Our shoot was for 4pm and in true me fashion I was running behind but he was understanding and patient. I arrived dressed in my first look (picture on the left), and boom we were shooting. I make jokes but I am in my own right a heightfish, and he was all for this meaning he was shooting me from angles that give the illusion that I am taller than I really am lol. He gave me direction, made sure my hairs were not out of place, and also ensured I was positioned in ways that are flattering to my body shape .

I had several outfits because of course, I needed content for my blog and social media platforms. He knew which locations would work with which outfits. He was extremely professional and helpful ( being in an outside location with no assitant you need help to zip your clothing). Yet all in all we were able to knock out 5 looks in two hours. Thats not an easy feat especially for quality photos (prior to edits).

I know you guys have some questions so let me answer the things you guys are thinking.


So lets be honest,photoshoots can get expensive and for good quality photos DO NOT AND I REPEAT DO NOT , think you will get quality photos for anything under $150(starting off). Since many of you aren't bloggers you won't be doing shoots often so that family shoot or birthday shoot, just go ahead and pay the money for the photos. His prices are affordable and he works with you in order to fit your needs. I will say this though please don't try and low ball this photographer just because he is young. His work speaks for its self!!

Turn Around Time

His turn around time was bout 10-14 business days (Photos can be done faster depending on his Photo queue) yet 10-14 days is honestly a great timeline and the extreme detail he puts into editing the photographs its worth the wait.

Delivery Method

All Photos are delivered digitally. I suggest that you open them on your computer and then download them later to your phone. It allows for a better quality.

Does He Travel?

Yes!! He travels within Georgia and Florida and if your event falls within a timeframe that he is completly open he may come South Carolina (You will have travel costs associated with him traveling)

At the End of the day this was a great experience. I truly enjoyed working with him and can't wait to shoot with him again. Go ahead book your shoot with him today

Let him know your favorite Aunty sent you.

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