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Its A Photoshoot: My Experience with Mr. Peprah

Happy Wednesday!! I am back at it again on the blog and here to share with you guys a new Black Photographer I had the honor of shooting with.

The Photographer

His name is @mr.peprah on Instagram but his real name is Perry Peprah from Ghana 🇬🇭 by way of New York. As always I ask the photographer a few questions so that you get to know a little bit about them. Here is how our conversation went! I feel like this also helps me understand a small glimpse of who I am working with.

When did you start shooting and why?

I started photography in 2015 because I loved the responses I got every time I took photos of friends and family. I saw genuine smiles in that moment that they really appreciated. I saw how it brought people together and I wanted more of that. After my daughter was born my love for photography are even more. I wanted to be able to capture every moment of her life and her story. I haven't been the best at that but I know building this business I have shown her that doing what you love to do is the most important thing. I have a Masters Degree that I don't use but guess, I am fulfilled!

What is you favorite part of being a Photographer? Bringing black people together one moment after the other. Bringing out the confidence and solely supporting black women and everything about them. Showcasing their beauty in all its aspects. I believe that representation truly matters! Black girls need to see women that look like them and to show that each and everyone of us are uniquely beautiful not to be defined by the industry telling them how a woman should look. I get to share that story and that is a story that needs to be told!

What is your vision for your Brand?

My vision is to be part of the storytellers that have told their own story as it was seen and not manipulated to fit what social media says. I want to be different by that I mean my work. I want it to have authenticity to it. Not the picture perfect vision where it’s flawless but real. My ultimate goal is to have the images viewed generations later and still feel like they were taken the same day.

How I found Him

As with many things I found him on IG via this picture on the right! I follow @jofullofbeauty who is a fashion influencer and she also shares hair care knowledge. Sis also makes some banging wigs. Any way she posted a picture and I just had to know who was the photographer. Boom it was Mr. Peprah and I loved all the images. A lot of people can't capture deep melinated skin. He can and I knew I had to work with him! he brings out the melanin and allows all the other colors pop as well. Corona and schedules delayed my visit but I was able to grab a shoot and I knew I would make the best out of it. I was also super excited because he would be the first Ghanian Photographer I have shot with! Y'all know how I love my Ghana people.

My Experience

I booked the shoot that gave me the option with the most outfit which was Outdoor III which is $185. This is actually a great rate and I got 15 high quality edits. I wanted the package for bloggers but I didn't see myself making two trips to New York in the same year o this was the best option. If you are in the New York, New Jersey, or Connecticut area then this would be a great bet for you.

I paid the deposit and gave him an idea of what I had in and. As y'all know I always give the photographer's I shoot with creative freedom unless there is something specific in mind. A week before the shoot, he contacted me to see what outfits I would be using so he could understand more of my vision. He also asked if I had a location in mind and like any New York tourist I wanted to head to dumbo.

He was down and we were ready to go! I got to Dumbo that morning (Y'all know my luck, the uber got us there late) and we got right into it. What I love about our interaction was that he asked my vision. He asked what story I wanted to convey and what different platforms would I be using the images on. This showed that he wanted to ensure that I had the proper quality for every platform I wanted. He wanted to make sure my photos told a story nit just for me but the brands associated with the photos

And this is what we got...

He captured all my melanin and showed the beauty of all the clothes I was showcasing! I also got my images pretty quickly ( Turn around time is a bout 14-21 days and sometimes faster). I can't wait to head back to NY and shoot with him again.

If you want to shoot with Mr. Peprah click here

As always take care of yourself, stay safe, take care of your mental health and please continue to fight for injustice anywhere and everywhere.


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