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Quarantine and Chill: African Movies Part II

Hey guys its been a little while, I took a break from posting due to loosing my sister. After speaking with my little sister, she reminded me that our sister wouldn't have liked for me to sit crying in my house. So I came back to finish this post about African must watch movies on Netflix part II. I have watched some good ones and here are five recent ones I recommend.

Banana Island Ghost

Banana Island Ghost is a straight comedy! Originally released in 2017 this comedy has one of my favorite Nigerian comedians Chigul, sis is hilarious.

The story is about two people who need help. Chi needs help to save her father's home on Banana Island and our male character needs a soul mate. He dies and bargains with God to give him a few more days on earth so he can find his soul mate. If make plans and God laughs was a person, he would be it. Little does he know that God has sent him to help Chi not only save her father's home but learn how to love herself.

This comedic love story is a perfect in home date movie BUT its also family friendly(since these kids stuck in the house with us too lol)

Your Excellency

Your excellency is also a comedy and be prepared to laugh all day. Originally released in 2019 this film has some big Nollywood names but my favorite is JEN-EFA(read that in a fake American accent lol) aka Funke Akindele Bello. Anyone who knows our beloved Jenifa you know that she is a hoot. Another big name that I love is Akin Lewis, his personality just makes you love him.

The story is centered around the 13th election of the Nigerian President and all the candidates . Our main character (Akin Lewis) is a Billionaire who genuinely loves his wife, his family and Nigeria. He is a little misguided but through out the course of the movie he gets it together. We also see the celebrities that come attached to Nigerian politics as well as what comes with being married to multiple wives. This is a must watch.

Sugar Rush

Another comedy on the list, with some of the Nigerian new generation comedians. Bisola Aiyeola and Adesua Etomi-Wellington are two of our main characters. If you watch the show Skinny Girl in Transit via YouTube you know our girl Bisola is always ready with the comebacks lol.

Originally released in 2019, the story centers around three sisters who are trying to make money, take care of their sick mother, and still be insta famous. They "stumble" on some money and in our stumble into some WAHALA! You will spend the time laughing as you watch this, low-key vexing when the characters don't listen to you lol.

The Perfect Picture- 10 Years Later

This movie is a Ghana movie with some Nigerian appearance lol aka every Nollywood female fan dream sugar daddy The fine Richard Mofe-Damijo or RMD (Lord that man is fine). Ok let me get back on track. ok so this is a sequel but none of these women seem to have aged at all lol. The other star that we all can't forget is Jackie Appiah, sis is one of the best Cross Nation actresses I know.

The original movie was release in 2009 (click here to watch) story is based around Three young, Beautiful and adventurous Ladies who are best friends. They have great expectations about their relationships and marriage, but that expectation seems to not be a reality. We meet them this time 10 years later, kids, marriage issues, new relationships and much more. The great part that I truly love about this movie is that is shows African Women in a new light in regards to sex! This is a must watch!

The Mirror Boy

The Mirror Boy is a Gamabian Nollywood mix, with some big Nollywood Heavy hitters. Genevieve Nnaji and Osita Iheme are the stars of this film. Osita is a comedian who can play dramatic roles perfectly.

This movie was originally released in 2011. Our story follows a young boys journey back to Gambia. If " Misbehave again I will send you to *insert respective nation*" was a movie this would be it lol. Our young character gets in trouble and his mother (Genevieve) takes him home. This movie covers his journey home literally and figuratively. This story really brings to light why being connected matters and not keeping kids away from the other parent. Now I will say it starts off slow and if you don't like movies like that you will turn it off but with some patience its really a good movie. Check it out.

So guys I know this list is short but these are the ones I really like via Netflix that I have watched so far. If you are looking for some amazon flicks head over to Amazon Watches and look at some of my recommendations. I know things are going back to normal but these are some more must watches before Coro Coro goes away. You know what I always say give me your opinions and thoughts on these suggestions. Remember stay safe, wash your hands, and lets make sure that we continue to press for the killers of Breonna Taylor to be arrested!

Love your Favorite Aunty,

Aunty Kelechi

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