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Quarantine and Chill: Amazon Prime African Movie Edition

Hey guys hope your Monday is starting off well. I know many of us are heading back into the office on the daily, I hope you all are remaining safe. These last two weeks I took the time to watch some of the African films on Amazon Prime. Now some of the films on Amazon are dry 😩😩 as in over done suya dry, but I pushed through and got you about 10 of the best ones lol! Y'all ready?

Lets go!

Two Grannies and a Baby

I actually watched this movie back in January after I moved. I was actually shopping on prime for Indomie (The Nigerian one lol) and this came across my recommendation list.

This film is a comedy we see nosey neighbors, loving mothers, and the local bush man lol. The movie does start off slow but it builds as you watch. We begin the movie with a baby being found in a basket in the compound. As a mom that intrigued me and that is where the story begins. There are several mini stories intertwined within and it gives you a feel for what some estates (small apartment complexes) in Nigeria. You will get some laughs and some aww moments. Its a good watch.

The Set Up

Funny enough The Set Up is also on Netflix. We see Adesula Etomi Wellington as a former Drug smuggler and Con-Artist get more than what she bargains for when she goes into a scheme with Uncle Jim Iyke. The plan, help Jim Iyke marry an heiress and steal her money. The plan changes when a new addition is added to the plot. This movie has drama and action and in normal Oga Iyke fashion small comedy.

The further you watch you see that there are so many twists and turns in this movie it keeps your attention even when you say you don tire lol. I honestly didn't expect this movie to be sweet but it shocked me. I highly recommend this one.

Makate Must Sell

In normal Nigerian Aunty fashion we see Chioma Omeruah aka Chigul three aunties try to force her to get married according to their timeline. yet Chioma must fight to make her own choices and follow her heart. We follow her as she dates the many frogs in order to meet a deadline of having a date to her cousin's wedding.

If you know chigul the you know she is extremely hilarious. This movie will having you laughing from beginning to end! The way Aunty give her aunties at the end chai I enjoyed it.

The Royal Hibiscus Hotel

A Nigerian native who returns hoe from London to visit her parents and their hotel. She decides to stay and help her parents with their struggling hotel. In her plans to revamp the hotel she falls in love with one of the visitors but her heart is broken when it is discovered that he wants to buy her parents hotel.

This is a Romance film gives us our normal dose of Nigerian romance and oversabi busy body mom. I think you will fall in love with this movie, yet another one I highly recommend.

Mrs. Right Guy

This is a South African romantic comedy. Our lead character Gugu, is the definition of wounded woman. We start the movie off with her happily waking up after her wedding and finding out that her husband has left her the day after the wedding. We fast forward and see how she is dealing with the trauma. After a get together with her close friend an accident pushes her into the arms of the chicken seller.

This romantic comedy is a great watch, it gave me the feel of daddy's girl. The star of the movie I can't lie sis get body ooh but this her wig was vexing me the whole time 😂😂 I was like whyyy. All in all this was a really great watch go ahead and add it to your watchlist.


This is a Ghana Nigerian mix film like we use to see back in the day. The movie is set in Ghana where we see the legendary Joselyn Dumas with her fine self as a market girl who shops for people. As fate has it she meets a boy from the other side of town and tries to cross the class divide. Their story evolves but the social gap is over powering and starts a chain of event that neither of them is prepared for.

I love me some Joselyn and in my opinion one of the best OG actors comic from the west coast of the continent. This romantic drama shows us about the great divide in Africa based on socioeconomic lines. It also shows us about having a kind and open heart to people. We have to treat people well in this world. This is a great watch.

Happiness is a Four Letter Word

Looking for the South African Version of Sex in the City? Well this film gives me those vibe. This romantic drama follows the perfectionist Nandi who seems to have it all together: a promotion to partner in a major firm, an upcoming marriage, the perfect house - but it all goes up in flames a few months before the wedding. With her friends Zaza and Princess, Nandi will have to find out what truly makes her happy and then fight to get it.

I didn't expect the movie to turn out the way it did, it started off slowly as it introduced us to all the characters. I think we can all relate to one of the ladies and their experiences navigating through life. This is a great film to watch with your girlfriends.

Gold Statue

Gold Statue is a Nigerian based film about two friends who go in search of a Gold Statue that their professor in their Art History course spoke of. They return home from the United States and our lead character confirms that the story from his course is the same as what he has heard from his grandfather. They recruit a team to find this statue. Their search takes them to a prison which hosts harden criminals.

Now I wont lie when the movie started I was like this is going to be one dry movie, but as it went along the plot got better. The movie has lots of laughs and dramatics in Nigerian fashion. OOH this ended chaii lol go ahead and watch this one.


This Nigerian based film is about a group of friends who come together for a dinner. Mike Okafor is invited by his childhood friend and buddy, Adetunde George Jnr, to have DINNER and spend the weekend with him and his fiancée Lola Coker as they plan for their upcoming wedding. Mikey decides to come along with his girlfriend Diane Bassey, as he plans to propose to her. Things get out of hand when they arrive at Adetunde's house and trouble don land, as in there is fire on the mountain.

This movie sef it do me some how. The movie had me like which kind of drama is this? When I say that when everybody's nyash started to open I was like wawuu as in what kind of drama is this. I will say this movie makes you really look at some of your friendships.


I saved this one for last. This movie is a Docupic based on the The Women's War a 1929 revolt in British Nigeria. This movie shows the historical uprising in what is south east Nigeria where a group of women took a stand against social and economic injustice. This historical drama follows the story of these women and their crusade.

I had heard about this from talk with my mother but this movie does a great job with depicting the story of two women who played a key role in the movement in their respective village. This movie is a must watch especially for every Nigerian woman.

These 10 movies are a must watch before Coro Coro goes away and we return back to regular business. You know what I always say give me your opinions and thoughts on these suggestions. Remember stay safe, wash your hands, an don't stop fighting against injustice.

Love Aunty Kelechi

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